• Phoenix Design Academy: Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award

    No fewer than 3 Phoenix Design Academy graduates have won the coveted Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2014.

    Not only Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr are Lucky Strike Designer Award winners (1998). We are happy to announce that no fewer than three Phoenix Design Academy graduates have been awarded the coveted Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2014. Our congratulations to Sabine Dziebowski, Rosi Weisse and Matthias Fischer for this success!

    The Phoenix Academy expressly supports up-and-coming designers. Here, talented students get the opportunity to work on their final exam projects. During this time, they are supervised by experienced Phoenix Design designers and model builders, and they even get financial support. Before joining the Academy, most of the students have done an internship at Phoenix Design.

    More Information about Raymond Loewy Foundation >>

    Phoenix Design Academy: Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award
  • Phoenix Design offering Workshops

    How does deign come to life? Which topics move designers? What influences design?

    Recently, we’ve started offering workshops in order to deal with design from a higher perspective and to convey a new, global understanding of design. Our trend selection developed for this purpose constitutes an important creative tool, and it gets put to good use in the workshops already. The workshop topics follow the respective needs of our customers and are conceived individually. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Silvia Olp:

    silvia.olp(at)phoenixdesign.com, phone +49 711 955 976 55

    Phoenix Design offering Workshops
  • Phoenix Design Speech at the aed Stuttgart

    “Der Mensch als Maßstab – The Human Scale” was the topic at an event hosted by aed Stuttgart and taking place in the glass wing of the Württembergischer Kunstverein on 26 November 2014 from 7 through 9pm.

    Phoenix Design spoke about their long-standing experiences in User Experience Design. Within the scope of this aed evening event, the invited experts present selected works and allow first-hand insights into the opportunities and challenges of this new design discipline.


    Phoenix Design Speech at the aed Stuttgart
  • Phoenix Design Speech at the World Usability Day in Stuttgart

    “Day of User-Friendliness” was the topic of the 10th World Usability Day taking place in Stuttgart on 13 November 2014 from 10am through 5pm at the TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz.

    Phoenix Design was one of the invited speakers, presenting their longstanding experience in User Experience Design – with a focus on: The human eye as co-driver – design for freely programmable instruments in the automotive sector. At the World Usability Day in Stuttgart, far-reaching perspectives prevail. How can you motivate people to actually use technology and services? Which kind of Design Thinking needs to be integrated in order to keep people “at it”? How can you make people from outside the respective industry understand what constitutes a good User Experience? These questions, and many more, offer ample food for thought.

    Phoenix Design Speech at the World Usability Day in Stuttgart
  • Phoenix Design Speech at the “German Brand and Design Congress”

    “Brand Management 4.0” was the topic of the German Brand and Design Congress hosted by the German Design Council taking place in Saarbrücken on 13 November 2014 from 10am through 5 pm.

    Andreas Diefenbach, Business Design Manager at Phoenix Design, one of the invited speakers on “Designing Interaction”, presented Brand Management 4.0 in exemplary terms, citing the brand TRUMPF as a prime case in point.

    Phoenix Design Speech at the “German Brand and Design Congress”
  • ICONIC AWARDS 2014 Winners: Hewi + Hüppe

    Among the winners 2014: shower enclosure series “HÜPPE Enjoy pure”, which has already received several awards. The jurors were also convinced by the wash stands with variable length by HEWI.

    It’s the second time that the German Design Council awarded the ICONIC AWARDS 2014, following this year’s motto of “Holistic Networking”. This international architectural and design competition focuses on the holistic staging of products for building and architecture. The ICONIC AWARDS ceremony will take place on 6 October 2014 during the EXPO REAL hosted at the BMW World, Munich, Germany.

    Phoenix Design has received more than 600 design awards to date. But what’s much more important: these designs are convincing in terms of longevity and verifiable business success. Consistently oriented towards the user and typical for the brand: that’s how Phoenix Design develops products and entire product ranges. Always geared to the needs of the users, concentrating on the self-explanatory interaction with the product. Always with the aim of creating a typical and touching brand identity experience.

    ICONIC AWARDS 2014 Winners: Hewi + Hüppe
  • Focus Open: 1x Gold, 2x Silver 1x Special Mention

    Following the great success at the iF product design award in spring and the Red Dot awards in summer, the fall season brings about once again Gold, Silver and one Special Mention at the Focus Open 2014. Among the award-winning designs: the products for Hansgrohe which had already received numerous prizes:

    Washstand mixer Logis (Gold), ShowerSelect thermostats (Special Mention), kitchen faucet Metris (Silber), and for Interstuhl, the Kinetic is5 office chair (Silver). The exhibition accompanying the International Design Award of the State of Baden-Wurttemberg, with its award ceremony having taken place on 27 September 2014 at the Werkzentrum Weststatt in Ludwigsburg, was open through 9 November 2014.

    Focus Open: 1x Gold, 2x Silver 1x Special Mention
  • Plus X Award – Largest Innovation Award Worldwide

    The jurors of the Plus X Award, product group sanitary products, awarded the prize for “Best Design Brand 2014/2015” to HÜPPE. Phoenix Design is responsible for this design.

    The “Best Design Brand” is an exclusive seal reserved to brands who have received the largest number of design awards or accolades over the course of one year within their respective product group. Among the prize-winning shower enclosures are “HÜPPE Studio Berlin pure”, “HÜPPE Refresh pure”, “HÜPPE Design elegance” and “HÜPPE Design pure” as well as “HÜPPE Enjoy elegance” and “HÜPPE Enjoy pure”. The jurors stated that all these products feature a very high degree of quality and longevity, convincing functional design and particularly easy and intuitive handling.

    Plus X Award – Largest Innovation Award Worldwide
  • AIT Innovation Award

    AIT Innovation Award for I-tec SmartWindow App and I-tec ventilation. This year’s innovation award has its winners in the “architecture + façade” category.

    The “Frontale 2014” trade show set the stage for this award, offered for the 5th time by architectural trade magazines AIT and xia. Renowned architects and interior designers judged the submitted works. Among the winners: products made by Internorm – the I-tec SmartWindow building control app, and the I-tec ventilation. Both products were designed by Phoenix Design.

    AIT Innovation Award
  • 10x Winner – Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014

    Another plethora of awards for Phoenix Design. Following the great success at the “iF product design award” this spring, now also at the “Red Dot”: 10x Winner – Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014.

    Among these, several already award-winning products designed for Hansgrohe: the shower head “Raindance Select”, the wash stand faucet “Logis”, the “ShowerSelect” thermostat line and the kitchen faucet “Metris”. For Hewi, the wash stands with variable length as well as the “System 815” – a barrier-free sanitary system – carried the day. The shower enclosure “Enjoy pure” by Hüppe has already received numerous prizes – among them now the “Red Dot Award 2014”.

    In the “Heating and Cooling Technology” category, Viessmann was able to convince the Red Dot Award jurors with no less than three products: with Vitocal 300-A, an air/water heat pump; with the Vitotrol 350 remote control; and with the entire product portfolio of heating and energy systems. As the panel of jurors explains: The heating and energy systems are convincing thanks to their consistent formal language, emphasising quality and creating reliability.

    More about Phoenix Design, Red Dot Award, Hansgrohe, Hewi, Hüppe
    More about Phoenix Design, Red Dot Award, Viessmann

    10x Winner – Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014
  • Corporate Product Colours at Vorwerk

    The strategic alignment of “Corporate Product Colours” is at least as important as the product design itself.

    Implementing new colour concepts to define the visual product identity across all business areas all the way to the manufacturing of these products is a far reaching and intense process, which in this case was triggered by the Head of Design at Vorwerk.

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    Corporate Product Colours at Vorwerk
  • Strong Dynamics Across the Board

    Phoenix Design is growing, dynamically expanding all corporate areas. Naturally, this also includes Communications.

    That’s why we decided to hire Silvia Olp as a seasoned “Head of Communications”. She will be coordinating all communication and PR activities, continuing the successful cooperation with Heike Bering and con:text agency on a project basis. In this constellation, we see a perfect perspective for continued growth over the coming years.

    Contact : silvia.olp(at)phoenixdesign.com; +49 711 955 976 55

    Strong Dynamics Across the Board
  • A Gesture of Embrace

    Two interlocking semi-circles, symbolizing an embrace: this concept idea triggered the design for the cup to be awarded to “Stuttgart Citizens of the Year”.

    Ten Stuttgart citizens will be able to accept the slim, plain white sculpture in a ceremony to take place on March 31, when they will be honoured in this volunteer contest award posted by the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” daily newspaper and the “Stuttgarter Versicherung” insurance company. The outstanding volunteer commitment proved a great inspiration for Phoenix Design in tackling this exceptional design challenge. The “Stuttgarter Zeitung” already published an article about the new award and our cup design.

    More information (german / Stuttgarter Zeitung)

    A Gesture of Embrace
  • Andreas Haug / Jury iF Hansgrohe Design Award 2014

    Phoenix Design is committed to support up-and-coming designers on many levels; not only in the Phoenix Design Academy, but also as serving as a jury member at high-profile design awards.

    In this capacity, Andreas Haug has been asked once again this year to take part in the panel of jurors for the iF Hansgrohe Award 2014 within the scope of the iF International Forum Design. As an experienced designer, he was very taken with some of the design submissions, just like with the internationality of the participants coming from Asia, Eastern Europe and even Australia. His recommendation to up-and-coming designers: take an even more comprehensive design approach and don’t focus too much on single ideas.

    Andreas Haug / Jury iF Hansgrohe Design Award 2014
  • Phoenix Academy. The Global Tea-Ritual

    The ritual of preparing tea – as it is sometimes still practiced in Japan – is fascinating. But it is also difficult to integrate into one’s everyday life.

    So how can tea preparation become an experience even when time is at a premium? That’s the question asked by Sabine Dziebowski. This prospective designer has developed a new interpretation for the tea ritual during her time at the Phoenix Design Academy. With her design, she would like to instigate a sensual interaction between product and user while creating the preparation itself in such a way as to turning it into an entertaining ritual rife with smell and taste. Her design called “sticks – break and more” is a smart set consisting of cooking plate, grinder and tea pot, made of smoked glass and earthy ceramics. A novel design for celebrating the tea ritual in different cultural circles.

    Phoenix Academy. The Global Tea-Ritual
  • Maximum Grip

    “Never has it been such a challenge to restrain my excitement over a lens […]“ – this is a quote taken from the blog of renowned photographer Lloyd Chambers.

    He not only applauds the outstanding optical quality of the new ZEISS lens OTUS 55/1.4, but also the “satisfying feeling of precision and velvety smoothness” of its surfaces. This DSLR lens provides a completely new feel while handling it: the newly developed window scale does great things for readability, just as the maximum-grip, rubberized ring does for precise depth of field adjustment. A new milestone in lens development.

    More information

    Maximum Grip
  • iF ranking creative – Number 1 external design office

    Phoenix Design is one of the most successful iF laureates: by winning these latest 10 accolades, the Stuttgart-based design agency has now received a total of 196 iF design awards.

    In the international iF ranking creative, Phoenix Design thus continues to reign supreme, defending their position as Number 9 respectvely 1 as an external design office.

    More information

    iF ranking creative – Number 1 external design office
  • iF product design awards 2014

    An absolute abundance of awards: 10 products designed by Phoenix Design have received an iF product design award 2014. These winners were selected from a total of 3,249 submissions.

    Among the award-winners: products designed for Hansgrohe, Viessmann, Interstuhl, HEWI and Hüppe. Cases in point: the Hansgrohe Raindance hand shower – having already won several awards – and the KINETICis5 bar stool, designed for Interstuhl.

    For Phoenix Design, the point is to always design instantly comprehensible products which make handling as easy as possible. In line with this stance, the designs for the sanitaryware industry are particularly praised for their ergonomic qualities, allowing intuitive handling. Other positive aspects emphasised: the appropriateness for deployment in barrier-free areas as well as the readily comprehensible, easy-to-read symbols. Another important Phoenix Design characteristic carried the day when Viessmann products received their awards: the consistent corporate design across several product lines that’s become such a hallmark for this brand.
    KINETICis5, the bar stool which already received several design prizes, has now received its first iF product design award. This bar stool is part of a furniture ensemble designed in such a way as to make assembling and re-arranging easy, forming ever new configurations for meetings and get-togethers. With its versatility and movability, KINETICis5 wants to trigger and reinforce an uncomplicated, flexible and productive work style.

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  • The Yo-Yo: Always New

    “Design a Yo-Yo!” Close to 100 Phoenix Design Academy trainees tackled this task since 1989, and each time the Yo-Yo idea was interpreted in a surprising new way.

    Wonderfully skilful dynamic works, exciting material combinations, and for a few years now even digital and virtual interpretations of this archaic toy. Now Phoenix Design hoisted these design treasures from the design archives for the first time, taken new photographs, and document them in a 200-page book. A volume on 25 years of developing new talent and the dialogue between up-and-coming designers and experienced ones. If you’re interested in this inspiring work, we’ll be happy to send you a personal copy.

    The Yo-Yo: Always New