• Housewarming Studio Munich

    Phoenix Design expands. Since October, we have been present in Munich with our new location at the Theresienhöhe, creating the basis for further growth and looking after exciting new projects. You are cordially invited to the opening event of our new Phoenix Design studio in Munich, on Friday 20 November 2015, starting at 6 pm.

    See for yourself, take a look at the extraordinary interior design by Ippolito Fleitz and get to know our new interdisciplinary team. We are looking forward to your being there! 


    Please register here. 

    Address: Theresienhöhe 30, entrance at Hans-Fischer-Str. 10, 80339 Munich, Germany

    If you have any questions, please contact: Silvia Olp, Enable JavaScript to view protected content., +49 160 8894377 

    Press Release here: Phoenix Design expands.

    Housewarming Studio Munich
  • Focux Open 2015

    The exhibition “Focus Open 2015” will continue through 20 November 2015 at the MIK Museum for Information und Art in Ludwigsburg. More than 200 submissions in a variety of categories were evaluated by the “Focus Open” panel of jurors. Phoenix Design was awarded a “Special Mention”: for shower head Rainmaker Select 580 made by Hansgrohe as well as for vacuum robot Kobold VR 120 made by Vorwerk.

    From among all submissions, the jury selected a total of 64 award winners, 30 products received the “Focus Special Mention” award for innovative design achievements.

    2015 Focus Open: International Design Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg. Sponsored by the Design Centre Baden-Württemberg


    Focux Open 2015
  • World Usability Day Stuttgart

    This year once again, the World Usability Day (WUD) takes place on 12 November 2015 in Stuttgart. Claudia Tietge, Design Team Manager UX with Phoenix Design, is on-site as a speaker. Speakers from business and science present methodologies, innovations and Best Practices focusing on user-friendly design.

    Claudia Tietge | Phoenix Design: By your leave: Care-O-bot 4. May I give you a glance behind the scenes of how to design a “best of the best” robot? – We provide insights into the development process of the “gentleman” robot designed by Phoenix Design in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA and industry partners. We show pictures starting with the very first ideas, progressing to function analysis, mood charts, sketches and concepts, then on to material selection, “emotional design” and embedding scenarios all the way to the Red Dot Award 2015 “best of the best”. Supported by many snapshots from the development process, we present the development of Care-O-bot 4. Paying special attention to function analysis, shape finding, scenarios and general UX design. The speech provides a glance behind the scenes of how, thanks to the multi-disciplinary cooperation of designers, psychologists and engineers, a “best of the best” service robot comes to life which is suitable for many deployment scenarios. For this purpose, its design is user-oriented, sporting a full set of features so that it may provide an ideal User Experience for each deployment area. Like its predecessor, Care-O-bot 3, it will be an integral part of a global research network of universities and institutes in the area of human-robot interaction, stimulating further development.

    >>> WUD 2015 Stuttgart – Agenda >>>


    World Usability Day Stuttgart
  • F.U.N.K. e.V.

    Wir gestalten nicht nur medizinisch-technische Geräte, wir unterstützen auch. Seit vielen Jahren spendet Phoenix Design an F.U.N.K. e.V. Stuttgart, Förderverein zur Unterstützung neurologisch erkrankter Kinder, für die Anschaffung von medizinisch-technischen Geräten für die Versorgungsforschung am Olgahospital Stuttgart.

    Am 29.10.2015 konnte u.a. durch die Förderung von Phoenix Design ein mobiles Schwarzer EEG-Gerät mit Panel-PC für das Olgahospital erworben werden. Dieses Gerät mit ergonomischem Wagen kann von einer EEG-Schwester problemlos transportiert und bedient werden. Außerdem stellt es bei den Kindern und Jugendlichen, die sehr häufig an schweren Kopfverletzungen leiden, eine sehr schonende Untersuchungstechnik sicher. Die Versorgung der jungen Patienten kann gerade durch diese Beschaffung weiter optimiert werden.


    F.U.N.K. e.V.
  • UX-Day Mannheim

    UX-Day Mannheim

    Save the date: 29 October 2015. Phoenix Design will participate as speaker. Innovation in digital products will win the future. They who revolutionise the user experience will be the winners.

    Innovation of software and digital products is no longer characterised by new technologies only. They who revolutionise the user experience will win the competition. This aspect presents a big opportunity, especially for mid-sized companies. That’s why, since 2006, the UX-Day in Mannheim has presented methods, solutions and ideas allowing users an intuitive approach and access to these technologies.

    Phoenix Design Team Managers Johannes Schäfer and Sven Feustel will present the “Gentleman of Tomorrow”.

    UX-Day Mannheim
  • ADC Design Experience.

    24 September 2015  ADC Design Experience – Congress in Stuttgart. A new generation of designers is about to inspire the industry and disrupt frontiers. Phoenix Design, Bernd Eigenstetter (CEO), spoke on “The Magic of Product Digital Experience” – i.e. the merging of product and service to create a holistic experience as a core component for all business strategies of the future.

    Next Generation Design: Over the past years, the design area has undergone a tremendous transformation due to the merging of product and communication design at the User Interface. The Art Directors Club Germany invited the best agencies, design studios and corporations from all over Europe as speakers at this congress.

    Bernd Eigenstetter, Phoenix Design CEO, held his speech on: “From Product to Experience: The Synergy of Design Disciplines.” More infos at ADC Design Expericene Stuttgart_Programm

    ADC Design Experience.
  • Human Beings and Computers

    6–9 September 2015 Phoenix Design presents five exciting speeches around User Experience Design, at the “Mensch und Computer” congress. Location: University Campus Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

    Information technology spreading out into all areas of life turns all human beings into computer users one way or the other. Before, the question of usability was primarily asked for workplace computers, but since the beginning of our new millennium, this question needs to be asked in a much broader context. Usability has become a central issue for an information society in progress. In front of the backdrop of the much acclaimed memorandum Human Beings and Computers 2000. Informations, interaction, cooperation",  the series of conferences entitled “Mensch und Computer” (Human Beings and Computers) represents the endeavour to have different areas of expertise and practice enter into a productive discourse, where as many people as possible can learn and benefit from each other.

    Speeches >>> Programm PHOENIX DESIGN

    More >>>  www.muc2015.mensch-und-computer.de

    Human Beings and Computers
  • Red Dot Award "Best of the Best" 2015.

    Red Dot Award 2015 "Best of the Best" for the service robot “Care-O-bot 4”, Fraunhofer Institut Stuttgart. Research and User Experience Design in perfection. Apart from “Best of the Best”, a total of 15x Red Dot Award "Winners" 2015: Hansgrohe, Hueppe, Trumpf, Viessmann and Vorwerk.

    A great “thank you” to our clients, for their trust and confidence in our powers. Thank you too for the great collaboration – with many clients, spanning many years. And finally, all this can only succeed with a great and committed team. The pointer on the photo and the looks of Andreas Haug (with cup) as well as Martin Hägele of the Fraunhofer Institute are directed towards their team who enthusiastically went along through all phases of the development, and of course during the award-winning ceremony. A top-class panel of jurors took the decisions on quality and skills. 4928 submissions, among those: 81 “Best of the Best” and 1240 winners. We are simply totally happy to have been so successful at this year’s Ret Dot Award.

    Red Dot Award Best of the Best 2015_Fraunhofer IPA_Care-O-bot 4

    Red Dot Award Winner 2015_living_Hansgrohe_Hueppe_Vorwerk

    Red Dot Award Winner 2015_working_Trumpf_Viessmann

    Red Dot Award "Best of the Best" 2015.
  • Web-Relaunch

    It is done: The Phoenix Design Web Relaunch. Many thanks go to the Phoenix Design team and the team of Codeluxe in Berlin. Great interplay and collaboration. Great result. Enjoy new impressions, both to read and to look at. And we’ll keep on moving: News, Press, Products, Awards, Jobs, Team. And always new “Stories”. Subscribe to our Phoenix Design NEWS: just send an email to Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

  • Perfect Comfort. P3 Comforts Duravit

    With P3 Comforts, Duravit and Phoenix Design were completely focused on the idea of comfort.

    Not only in the sense of easygoing convenience, but also in the original sense of the French word “conforter” = to strengthen. After all, design satisfies deeply human needs, not only for look s and functionality, but also for sensuousness. It wants to be seen, touched, used – and appeal to users on an emotional level and stimulate them. P3 Comforts fulfils these needs in a formal language that is very light and effortless.

    Design Process Duravit P3 Comforts by Phoenix Design

    Perfect Comfort. P3 Comforts Duravit
  • Hansgrohe Design Prize 2015 by iF.

    Hansgrohe Design Prize 2015 awarded to international design talents. The panel of jurors, among them Andreas Haug of Phoenix Design, gave awards to six visionary bathroom concepts within the framework of the iF concept design award 2015.

    This year’s competition for the Hansgrohe Design Prize for sustainable design ideas in handling water has been succesfully completed. According to the motto “Efficient Water Design: Small Space – Big Shower Pleasure”, a total of 448 concepts were submitted by up-and-coming designers from 27 nations. The Hansgrohe prize was awarded for the fifth time already. The award winning ceremony took place as part of the international talent competition iF concept design award on 28 May 2015 in Hamburg. More >>>

    Hansgrohe Design Prize 2015 by iF.
  • aed neuland a competition for up-and-coming designers

    aed neuland a competition for up-and-coming designers

    aed neuland 2015 – a competition for up-and-coming designers: 16 jurors, among them Tom Schönherr of Phoenix Design, have selected 23 winners from a total of 330 submissions. Award winning ceremony on 24 June 2015 at the “Haus der Architekten” in Stuttgart.

    The competition for up-and-coming designers “neuland” organised by aed e.V. is going into its fifth round this year: it is a platform for especially talented young people in the design field. The aim is to promote innovative and sustainable design characterized by the greatest possible economic and ecological quality, being both functional and user-friendly, while meeting the highest aesthetic requirements. The “neuland” competition deliberately pursues an interdisciplinary approach. The first prize winners in the respective categories (Architecture & Engineering; Product & Industrial Design; Interaction Design; Exhibition & Public Design; Communication & Graphic Design) receive 2,000 euros each. The panel of jurors consisting of renowned personalities from a variety of professions applied an interdisciplinary selection approach to choose the best submitted works.

    aed neuland a competition for up-and-coming designers
  • ICFF New York 16-19 May

    The 27th annual ICFF, North America’s platform for global design, will map the newest frontier of what’s best and what’s next at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, May 16-19, 2015. Phoenix Design – the new collection: RONBOW – Phoenix Design STACK Collection



    ICFF New York 16-19 May
  • Together We're Strong!

    The Phoenix Design Management Board is growing. We welcome Bernd Eigenstetter(third from the left), who has joined the team as our fourth Managing Director. We are very happy!

    Phoenix Design is regarded as the leading independent design studio worldwide for Product and Interface Design. Much more important: the fact that our design is convincing in terms of longevity and measurable business success. In this respect, Phoenix Design sees itself in the tradition of Bauhaus and Ulm School – being committed to carrying on the virtues of German design. This also holds true for the ever more closely interlocking design of products and digital interfaces. For many years now, Phoenix Design has maintained the top rank at the iF ranking creative “design offices” of the iF Design Awards, having received more than 650 design awards. Today, already more than one third of our 60 employees are dealing with Interaction Design.

    Management Board, from left to right: Harald Lutz, Managing Partner; Andreas Haug, Managing Partner; Bernd Eigenstetter, Managing Director; Tom Schönherr, Managing Partner.

    Together We're Strong!
  • aed Exkursion Milano. Showroom Axor_hansgrohe.

    aed Exkursion Milano. Showroom Axor_hansgrohe.

    Milano: Via Durini. Any designer knows what this means. aed enjoyed visiting the Axor_hansgrohe showroom. And Andreas Haug turned into a story-teller.

    More than 30 years of collaboration are a strong connection between Andreas Haug and the worlds of Hansgrohe and the Axor brand. The aed guests thoroughly enjoyed his anecdotes and paid keen attention to what he had to say and to the Axor team contributions, notably to the expert competence presented. Finest Italian hospitality provided a nice finishing touch to this field trip. Thank you, Benedetta!


    aed Exkursion Milano. Showroom Axor_hansgrohe.
  • Gentleman von morgen - Care-O-bot 4

    And he’s already among us: the gentleman of tomorrow is called “Care-O-bot 4”, developed by the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart in cooperation with Phoenix Design, celebrating his/its public world premiere at the SCHUNK Expert Days on Service Robotics.

    After the universal success of the Personal Computer (PC), it’s now the Personal Robot (PR) which could well enrich our living and working environment. The researchers at Fraunhofer IPA have developed this new model of a universal helper in everyday environments: the 4th generation “Care-O-bot®”. The result is absolutely unique in the world. Andreas Haug, Phoenix Design Managing Partner, explains: “Care-O-bot® 4 is a felicitous symbiosis of design and engineering, of function and emotion, seducing the user to interaction right away.”

    more >>> Care-O-bot 4 – in love  >>>  Care-O-bot4 – in action  >>> Care-O-bot 4 – Press Fraunhofer   www.care-o-bot-4.de

    Gentleman von morgen - Care-O-bot 4
  • Art Directors Club at Phoenix Design

    Art Directors Club at Phoenix Design

    Exclusive guests at Phoenix Design: ADC Section Stuttgart. And they brought along: creative top quality “made in Southern Germany”.

    The Art Directors Club (ADC) Germany celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014. More than 600 leading paragons of creative communication have joined ranks to form this club with its glamorous tradition. Club members are renowned designers, journalists, architects, scenographers, photographers, illustrators, directors, composers, producers and advertisers. The name ADC represents exclusivity and top claim to fame. Only the most qualified experts from the creative scene are accepted as members, people who for years have produced exemplary work.

    The club was founded back in 1964 following its US-American role model, and has its headquarters in Berlin. The Art Directors Club für Deutschland (ADC) e.V. is affiliated with the higher-level roof organisation ADC OF EUROPE (ADC*E).


    Art Directors Club at Phoenix Design
  • Kitchen Sytem - Design with all senses.

    Phoenix Design Academy: Kitchen System - Design with all senses. „animo“ develops food into a design-feature of the kitchenarea - and that‘s just the focus it deserves.

    The established grid, existing of drawers and cupboards, gives way to a flexible ordersystem, which combines storing fresh & durable food at the same time with aesthetics and communication. „animo“ develops food into a design-feature of the kitchenarea - and that‘s just the focus it deserves. Credits: Rosi Weiße, Diploma, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Tutor: Prof. Oliver Grabes, Prof. Matthias Schönherr, Phoenix Design Academy. Rosi Weiße are Winner of the Lucky Strike Junior Award with "animo". More  >>>

    Kitchen Sytem - Design with all senses.
  • Order in the romp room

    Order in the romp room

    Order in the romp room – made by Phoenix Design: service robot Care-O-bot 4 – tomorrow’s helper. Today in the news, featured in the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. Tomorrow in Silicon Valley.

    Silicon Valley is in Bad Cannstatt – always has been. It was in a garden pavilion in Bad Cannstadt about 130 years ago that Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach conducted their first experiments with a high-speed petrol engine – today, a global brand. Our pilot project also has what it takes for a global revolution: service robot Care-O-bot 4. Design by Phoenix Design, engineering by Fraunhofer, and motion pictures by Dieter Zimmermann. Save the date: “Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2015” for Care-O-bot 4. Of course, Care-O-bot 4 will accept the award in person. Red Dot Gala Event and Award Ceremony: 29 June 2015, Essen (Germany), at the Aalto-Theatre opera house.

    More >>>

    Stuttgarter Zeitung, 13.04.2015  Stuttgarter Nachrichten 17.04.15

    Care-o-bot by Fraunhofer IPA

    Care-o-bot Workplace Phoenix Design


    Order in the romp room
  • Stylepark


    Stylepark – the world of design culture. Phoenix Design is currently represented with 382 products by 8 manufacturers. A beautiful success.

    Stylepark is a leading international platform for architecture and design. As professional curator, service provider, advisor and commentator, Stylepark acts as a mediator between manufacturers, architects, planners and the interested public.