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Tony Jankowski

DUOTEC – Autonomous Building of the Future. Architecture represents the spirit of its age and societal conditions. The dilemma between an immensely growing demand of construction materials and finite resources calls for a new thinking in the construction industry. The necessity for ecologically sensitive building means that traditional practices must change. The analysis of biological constructions and their execution in architecture and technological systems plays an ever more important role. Architecture and construction will, in the future, move even closer together at the interface of computer-aided design, additive manufacturing, material technology, and synthetic biology. The DUOTEC concept represents a mobile robotic system for realising extremely lightweight and stable architectural structures according to prototypes found in nature. One of the robots builds individual modules of the structure which are then combined and closed in a planar manner by the second robot. State-of-the-art coiling and printing processes using fibre compound materials make it possible to use only minimal material quantities while offering individual design opportunities. The aim of the concept design is to illustrate the potentials of new technologies, to inspire, and to present food for thought. Credits: Tony Jankowski, Bachelor Thesis, HTW Berlin. Mentoring: Prof. Birgit Weller; Sven Feustel, Principal Designer, PHOENIX Academy.