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Tobias Tsamisis

Bat - Mobility in Darkness. The night, a short time frame rife with opposites. Filled with darkness and mysticism, but also with beauty and fascination when we fill it with light. It seems as if we human beings feel the urge more and more frequently to be active in this precise time frame and to enjoy the silence of the night. We want to be out and about as individuals and discover our surroundings while feeling safe and self-confident at all times. The Bat concept is a flying light with accompanies you wherever you are and which shows you the way. It's next to you when you go jogging, it tracks you on the ski slope or sees you safely home. Bat is small and compact when it is transported. Unfolded, it is agile and creates a lighting atmosphere where otherwise none would exist. Bat is intelligent, tracks its environment and is able to react to you and your gestures. Now there is a new kind of interaction: the interaction between human being and mobile light. Credits: Tobias Tsamisis, Diploma Thesis, University of Darmstadt. Academic Advisor: Prof. Tom Philipps; Sven Feustel, Design Team Manager, PHOENIX Academy.