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Florian Czak

A reimagined vehicle in a reimagined infrastructure: Motus is an approach to transforming urban mobility in the most human-centred way possible without burdening existing social and physical infrastructures. With supermarkets as the basis, urban retail provides the nodes of an invisible transport network that becomes a comprehensive door-to-door service through hybrid autonomy in the micromobile vehicles. The Motus mobile ecosystem is completed by a semi-autonomous, compressible vehicle that frees the driver from the hassle of getting around and transporting goods. Motus is able to pick you up from any location within the transport network within 6 minutes - and to return to a charging station in the same amount of time after the journey. At the same time, the vehicle offers enough storage space for a bulk purchase, so you don't have to worry about mobility in any situation. And that is exactly the point at which mobility stops being a nuisance and starts being supportive.