Living in a blank canvas.

A display for life

The pandemic has drastically altered the way we live, work, and interact with our homes. Traditional functions of specific spaces have become obsolete, and boundaries between living spaces are blurred. In today's world, we work from the kitchen, stream movies in bed and practice yoga in our living rooms. However, the display devices we use to power these activities are not designed to keep up with our dynamic lifestyles. Traditional large-screen televisions are too static and single-minded for multifaceted media consumption, while mobile devices are too small and compromise our viewing experience at home. We need to re-imagine display devices that adapt to our ever-changing needs, and empower life with media, not just 'multimedia'.


Imagine a highly adaptable OLED device, as flexible as the user itself

We wanted to create a truly universal OLED display that seamlessly adapts to every moment and any display activity at home - free from the constraints of today's static, single-minded displays that don't reflect the more fluid, digital lifestyle we all live. We identified many moments of modern living and translated this knowledge into intuitive mechanical principles that make transitioning between different positions and orientations effortless and user-friendly. At the same time, we maintained a non-engineered appearance to preserve the warm and inviting look and feel of the device.

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One display for all moments

OLED Glow is a highly versatile 27-inch OLED display that lives close to the bed but can be used throughout your entire home. It is the ultimate multitasker, providing a compact yet generous screen size for all home activities with comfortable and inviting aesthetics. Height, viewing angle, orientation, and position can be adjusted for any task. It also has the ability to disappear and serve as ambient lighting, creating a screen-free bedroom that promotes a sense of wellbeing. Perfect for any home, perfect for any task.

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“Products must be designed for users, not industries. It's time for the market to evolve and embrace the changing needs of the modern consumer. We believe that a fluent digital lifestyle necessitates dynamic display solutions that can adapt seamlessly to any situation that life at home presents.”
Chris Götze, Senior Industrial Designer


Beyond fantasies

PHOENIX is known to bring ideas to life. Our partnership with LG Display is founded on a shared spirit to "Transform Ideas into tangible results." That means that our designs are not just daring fantasies; they actually work. A fully functional prototype of the OLED Glow was unveiled at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, showcasing LG Display's innovative OLED technology and our visionary approach to home displays.

“Together with PHOENIX, we were able to showcase our vision of a premium user experience and achieved our long-term goal to define a unique value of our evolutionary OLED display."
Sanghoon Lee, Division Leader, Member of the board, Large Display Product Planning
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