Our CMFP experts are working on the trend color No. 7 for Colornetwork

Sustained Color No.7: COME CLOSER!

We all want connection and belonging. Nowadays, the longing for interpersonal closeness, touch and security can be felt in society even more nowadays and thus inspired the creation of "come closer!" as Sustained Color No. 7. Tactile experiences are natural and essential needs in the relationship between humans, materials and spaces.


How to develop a color

What was our starting point? In our team of experts, we were talking a lot about socio-cultural trends and how they influence people, aesthetics and design. A color always evokes specific emotions and feelings. Even though we all have different associations with the same color, there are a lot of feelings that we have in common. Therefore, very quickly, we realized the great desire of human mankind after the pandemic: To "come closer" again. As an expert panel with Ippolito Fleitz Group, we had the same ideas of what kind of color direction could evoke a feeling of connectedness.

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Colors have one superpower: they directly influence our mental health and wellbeing.


Finding the perfect mix

In our Design Modelshop (DMO) in our Studio Stuttgart we were literally mixing the right color nuance with our Principal Design Modeller and Color Expert Marc Michalak. The color tone itself was mixed in a complementary way: all colors of the color circle are included, which makes the color highly compatible with other material and color nuances. Therefore and also because the development is based on socio-cultural research, the Sustained Color No.7 is a sustainable color that is made to last.

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"The Sustained Color No.7 evokes a feeling of connectedness and closeness, a feeling that we are all longing for."
Veronika Schmidt-Schäffer - Senior CMF Designer


The outcome: come closer!

A color that touches our senses and embodies emotion. With „come closer!“, materials come alive in a unique way. At the same time, the personality of this color development creates an unmistakable statement for space, product and surface. Its extravagant ambivalence is very multi-faceted and surprises even professionals with its versatility in mixing materials, that makes us feel warm and secure. The creation of this exceptionally sensual color brought us to think about our personal wellbeing, but also to reflect the current needs of society right now. We are very proud of the outcome of our common journey with Katrin de Louw, Colornetwork, Trendfilter, as well as Verena Schiffl and Peter Ippolito of Ippolito Fleitz Group.

"Never underestimate the impact of colors on our emotions and our mental health. Colors directly approach our feelings, the choice of color is undeniably connected with atmosphere and wellbeing."
Veronika Schmidt-Schäffer - Senior CMF Designer
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