• Care-O-bot 4 and the Intelligence of the Future

    Care-O-bot 4 and the Intelligence of the Future

    The Verband Deutscher Industriedesigner e.V. (VDID) [Association of German Industrial Designers] presents on 9 November 2019 – within the framework of a follow-up event to its conference “Intelligence of the Future” – Mojin Robotics featuring Caro-O-Bot 4 at the Fraunhofer Institute (IPA). Jens Wingerath, Design Business Manager, PHOENIX, reports on the design processes for this service robot.

    Care-O-bot 4 is a service robot which can be deployed to perform various services, e.g. as a sales assistant, a museum guide, or in patient care. It was developed at the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart in close cooperation with Phoenix Design, and it is currently being distributed and developed further by Mojin Robotics GmbH.

    Jens Wingerath, Design Business Manager at Phoenix Design and VDID member, will talk about the iterations that went into designing Care-O-bot 4 in its present form – and present an outlook into the future. “The technical progress that goes along with the digital revolution opens up new perspectives and approaches that expand the classic understanding of design and present new challenges to industrial design,” says Wingerath. After all, designers shape processes and products into which Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets integrated. So what role does human-centred design play in development? Who decides about the future of the interaction between humans and machines? And which influence do designers wield in terms of the socio-cultural, ecological and economic challenges of the future?

    The live presentation of the service robot done by Dr. Ulrich Reiser of Mojin Robotics. The Fraunhofer IPA, represented by Dr. Werner Kraus, have guided the audience along robotics milestones.

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    Care-O-bot 4 and the Intelligence of the Future