• We reduce our CO2 footprint

    We reduce our CO2 footprint

    Regardless of our climate neutrality, we continue to reduce our CO2 footprint. From December 1, 2020, Phoenix Design will purchase 100% green electricity from LichtBlick for its German studios.

    "We as Phoenix Design are shaping the future every day. Our future is threatened more than ever by the climate crisis. It is therefore only logical that we address the issue at all levels - including as an organisation". Felix Mattes, Design Business Manager at Phoenix Design.

    Phoenix Design has been officially climate neutral since 2019 and compensates its greenhouse gas emissions through projects - certified by Climate Partners.

    >>> Climate Partners certificate

    In parallel, Phoenix Design is working on further reducing its CO2 footprint. The purchase of green electricity is an important step on the way to a sustainable company, as the use of renewable energy sources results in significantly lower direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

    We reduce our CO2 footprint