• Phoenix & Friends & BOMA

    Phoenix & Friends & BOMA

    On the evening of 12. March 2020, Boma joined us at our Stuttgart studio for our event series ‘Phoenix & Friends’. The evening was hosted by Andreas Diefenbach, designer and managing partner of Phoenix Design, and Stefan Balzer, CEO and Founder of Boma Global.

    Companies now have the influence and scope to reinvent themselves, by developing visions of the future that consider "People, Planet & Profit" as an inseparable unit to enable sustainable success. But what does this mean in practice, and how can companies manage the necessary transformation processes? After an inspiring keynote speech by Martin Böhm, CDO of Beiersdorf, attendees shared their experiences during an interdisciplinary round table discussion.

    The culinary well-being was provided by Bjoern's Kitchen from Stuttgart. In the kitchen, Bjoern's motto is: „Vom Blatt bis zur Wurzel“ - deliciously vegan with almost zero waste!We were

    Phoenix were pleased to welcome representatives of the following companies:
    Beiersdorf AG, Field 33 GmbH, Fun Factory GmbH, GPI Global Perspectives Initiative gUG, Normenkontrollrat BW, Oventrop GmbH + Co. KG, Prenew GmbH, Recaro Holding GmbH, Volkswagen AG, Vorwerk & Co. KG, Werner Sobek AG, Wurzer & Kollegen GmbH, zfhn Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn.

    About boma: BOMA is a global learning network and was introduced as part of a new management curriculum for executives, which is completely different from the traditional academic learning model. BOMA is dedicated to helping companies evolve into sustainable and forward-thinking organizations that accelerate change, drive change and accept complexity as part of corporate DNA.

    Phoenix & Friends & BOMA