A Look beyond - Logik, Moral, Magie

Ever wondered what we mean when we talk about “Logik, Moral, Magie”? For more than 10 years those three words stuck within our DNA when it comes to designing products. Today we want to take a closer look at them.

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  • Logik means – no bullshit. It means, that we can’t face any other direction than the one provided, as all others seem senseless. The appearance of our products is the logical consequence of a proven innovation process which leads to desirable experiences that make brands stand out. Since 1987.

    Logik means to us, that…

    …we love substantial truths and results that make sense.

  • Part two of our "Logik, Moral, Magie" tricolour that guides our daily way of working: what do we mean when we talk about Moral? For more than 10 years those three words stuck within our DNA when it comes to designing products. 

    Moral means – do the right thing. It means to include moral and ethical thoughts in our everyday decisions. Immoral innovation is not only useless, it harms society. Thus, it’s our responsibility to improve human #wellbeing with our work – this means that our innovations are always subordinated to the goal of using technology for a healthy and dignified life in an understanding society with a sustainable future. There’s no right and wrong, but there is a right in what’s good for humanity and doesn’t hurt others. We will always try to live up to this responsibility.

    Moral means, that…

    …we speak up with attitude and take action for what’s right.

  • The last part of our triad seems like an antithesis to the first one, Logik - yet for us Magie has nothing irrational about it, rather it results from a deep understanding of people and their needs.

    Magie means - emotional experiences. We are all drawn to that special moment that makes us really experience and desire a product. It's that spark that jumps over, that little bit of joy, that makes us identify ourselves with a few selected objects, that moment of surprise when we feel truly understood. It is our goal to transport this feeling to the users through our innovations - and to enrich lives.

    Magie means, that...

    ...we innovate for experiences that touch people.