One Week on Dignified Aging

We spent a week looking at what #DignifiedAging means to us, how our prdoucts contribute to dignified ageing and improve people's wellbeing. Here are our findings:

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  • The re-evaluation of what age is and its role and value in future societies will, not only benefit communities but also governments and brands. What is more the governments and brands who actively encourage a more #DignifiedAging future through their products and services will unlock greater levels of brand relevance, resonance, and resilience.

    At Phoenix Design we have identified four crucial ingredients for enabling this paradigm shift towards a more #DignifiedAging future:

    1. Re-frame a product's or service's success by measuring how well it improves people's #wellbeing or the long run

    2. Unlock greater levels of personal autonomy and independence.

    3. Create products and services that have an aura of trust, respect appreciation as you age.

    4. Retain an individual's purpose or sense of belonging by empowering them to contribute value to society through your products and services.

    Let's all work together to build a more inclusive society with caring products and services that significantly improve the quality of life for all.

    If you are interested in our white paper on #DignifiedAging or you work on similar challenges that need creative problem solvers, feel free to get in touch with us!

  • Independent mobility is elementary for personal Wellbeing and therefore a central part of #DignifiedAging. Products can and should help to keep this freedom of movement with increasing age.

    Our e-rollator concept "Loop", which we published in 2019, is focused on supporting mobility by not only bracing but also essentially reducing the physical effort of movement. This way, users can be provided a larger radius of action while the motion technology keeps supporting from the background.

    Many seniors are annoyed by technical innovations – we think the shy technology approach is an opportunity to create accessible and inclusive innovation – to ensure independent mobility and enable Wellbeing for everyone without demanding efforts from the user.

    What do you think – where is intuitive innovation needed the most to empower #DignifiedAging?

    Learn more about Loop:

  • The last months have been tough for all of us – old and young. And still, it feels like the stigmatization of age even intensified during the pandemic. Time to talk about #DignifiedAging.

    The “baby boomers” with their various younger and older cohorts have left huge influences and marks in our societies from how we work to how we live. But their diversity shows that this categorized generation and age thinking is just not contemporary anymore – basically, we all have been aging since before we were even born.
    Our ambition to INNOVATE FOR WELLBEING includes the re-evaluation of age as a core thought in the innovation of products and services – towards a cross-generational symbiosis. Let's stop "being old" and start being well!

    To enable #DignifiedAging is a challenge we all have to rise to – and before all, it’s a huge opportunity for our society.

  • We all need support from time to time, however, no one should be made to feel useless or incapable in old age. At Phoenix, we believe that good design can create a world and that the symbiotic partnership between users and products becomes more important as we become older.

    The Care-O-Bot 4 is an innovative robotic prototype with articulated arms that assists, supports and empowers elderly users towards a #DignifiedAging. It delightfully epitomises how 'good design' can re-shape technology into a humanistic force for good, rather than some poorly considered 'technology push'. This emotive and engaging companion allows users and caregivers to focus on the activities that matter most.

    This is what #wellbeing means for Phoenix Design: products and services that truly and actually care for you and your intrinsic needs all the while improving your quality of life as the main protagonist of your own life story.
    Where would you appreciate the assistance and the free time?
    Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Learn more about the Care-O-Bot:

  • Being independently mobile is one of the most important things for our #wellbeing – but we all recognise it can get harder as we age. Sometimes, physical limitations even force us to stay in bed.

    No matter your mobility or age your bed should be as inviting as the one in the image below. And this goes for any other product for that matter that are in close proximity to your body. These products or services, digital or physical should always convey a feeling of #wellbeing and a sense of belonging - just like being at home. As important as the supporting technical features and functions are in a products they should not limit the emotional connect we have with a product.

    Supporting and caring products are meant to improve quality of life – the symbiosis of physical and mental wellbeing is a key to enable #DignifiedAging.

    Let's humanise technology, products and services by innovating for #wellbeing.

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