Up-to-date interactive. Always been. Formal and functional precision, an intelligent interface and the haptic-visual design quality turn interaction into a cognitively sensual experience. Phoenix Design has designed the mobile phone C5600 for HUAWEI, the Chinese group of companies which is one of the globally leading providers of information technology and telecommunication solutions. Which goes to show what has always been a hallmark of Phoenix Designs work – designing interaction. In order to make a keen and lasting impression on the relationship between user and product. Thanks to its crystalline shape and its high design and material quality, the bar phone makes an elegantly premium impression, turning it into a coveted accessory even when still switched off. Once the display has come to life, the interface with its consistently user-oriented design offers a multitude of functions – different colour codes define and activate phone or music as needed. Thus, intuitive usability remains a given despite the deep array of functionalities.

  • ProductMobile phone
  • ManufacturerHuawei
  • TypeMusicphone
  • CategoryTele­communication
  • Year2008
  • Services Class A Surfacing, modelling, product design

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