Harmoniously reduced in design, uncompromisingly proven in function and quality. Talis M54 was not created for just one kitchen, but for a completely individual one. Because with the three filigree basic shapes, the fittings can be easily integrated into any kitchen environment. In addition to chrome and stainless steel finishes, the exclusive Matt Black surface is the most beautiful compliment for your kitchen - minimalism all down the line. hansgrohe. The most beautiful moments with water.

  • ProductKitchen Mixer
  • ManufacturerHansgrohe
  • SeriesTalis
  • TypeM54
  • CategoryHousehold and kitchen
  • Services user analysis, trend consulting, analysis + research, hardware prototyping, modelling, testing, material lab, brand related design, product design, 设计策略, 创新咨询, 产品识别设计, 工业设计, 趋势研究, 设计模型
  • German Design Award - Winner German Design Award - Winner
  • iF Product Design Award iF Product Design Award
  • reddot Award: Winner reddot Award: Winner

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