cyc – empowering cyclists. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular but the conditions in most cities are sub-optimal and local authorities are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Not least due to the emergence of new, innovative micro-mobility solutions, it is high time to do justice to this new thinking. cyc is a service that allows cyclists to optimize their daily routes according to their personal preferences. This is controlled by an app that corresponds to a smart device on the bike. The digital insight about your own cycling behavior provides the app as well as daily updates (big data). At the same time, information gained by all users can be the basis for general infrastructural measures. As an IoT solution, cyc service brings together the different requirements of the different parties involved in the system.

Credits: Christoph Wackher, Bachelor Thesis, University of Pforzheim. Mentoring: Prof. Thomas Gerlach; Sven Feustel, Principal Designer, Phoenix Design Academy.


  • ProductApp & bike smart devices
  • ManufacturerPhoenix Design Academy
  • Typecyc – empowering cyclists
  • CategoryPhoenix Design Academy

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