Mobility is one of our highest goods. Attaining the goal of remaining self-determined and independent well into old age is an increasingly greater challenge for our society. Across Germany, at least 2 million aged people are currently dependent on walkers. By the year 2050, the number of people over 65 will have risen from 17 million today to about 23 million, according to the German Federal Statistical Office Recognising such a topic, evaluating it, and coming up with well-reflected solutions are essential methods used in the Phoenix Design Academy. In this way, a new interpretation of the classic walker has been created. With a particular focus on interaction and usage in the respective context. The e-walker LOOP, created in the Phoenix Design Academy, is an archetype full of character, compelling in its self-explanatory operation while placing technical support in the background. Thanks to its electric drive system, users are provided with a wider radius of action and hence with more safety and support even when faced with a wide range of topographical situations in everyday life. The e-walker is completed by an intelligent lighting system for better orientation and better visibility: see and be seen. Be connected and safe: an holistic approach. Via smartphone, even transmitting one’s location will be possible. LOOP: one further solution for new, dynamic mobility.

  • Producte-walkers
  • ManufacturerPhoenix Design Academy
  • TypeLOOP
  • CategoryMedicine, Phoenix Design Academy
  • Services technical design, user analysis, Visual Interface Design, analysis + research, strategic design, ergonomics, brand related design, product design

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