neigborSWAP – local networking against food waste. In Germany alone, 11 million tonnes of food are thrown into the garbage each year although they were still fit for consumption, 61% coming from private households alone. At the same time, increasing urbanisation makes people wish for more social networking. What can we do against this development? How do you get people to treat food with more consideration, and which role can social networks play here? The result has been developed in dialog with users, via different personae and scenarios: neighborSWAP, an app as a local shopping network. It enables people to do collaborative shopping as well as share left-over meals, unused food or home-grown produce via a sharing functionality. At the same time, it inspires users to adopt a diversified, conscious diet. Credits: Jan Schröter, Master Thesis, Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. Academic adviser: Prof. Steffi Hußlein, Prof. Constanze Langer; Sven Feustel, Design Team Manager, Phoenix Design Academy.


  • ProductApp
  • ManufacturerPhoenix Design Academy
  • TypeneighborSWAP
  • CategoryPhoenix Design Academy
  • Services technical design, analysis + research, interaction design

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