• FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    Phoenix Design is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Time to remember, to celebrate the present, and to look into the future. Our anniversary is marked by opening our own studio in Shanghai, China, and by introducing our new blog.


    In our blog, we will regularly tell you about our origins, about the present, and about the future of Phoenix Design. We listen, write, and move. Look forward to reading fascinating stories. We want to share the unique Phoenix Design spirit – with texts that are heart-warming and intellectually inspiring.

    1987 – come with us and discover the origins of Phoenix Design.
    2017 – enjoy our success today together with us.
    2047 – read our thoughts about the future.


    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog
  • MCBW 2019: Creative Jam and Review

    MCBW 2019: Creative Jam and Review

    Phoenix Design invites again to two design events within the framework of the Munich Creative Business Week (#MBCW) in the creative capital of Bavaria! On Wednesday, 13 March 2019 we host a Creative Jam followed by a Review in our design studio in Munich. This year’s topic: “Smart Living – no escape”.

    At home, at the work, in motion: in all everyday situations, we are surrounded by intelligent systems striving to improve our quality of life. Escape? Hardly possible! Smart technology is increasingly becoming the standard for new products and services.

    Together with Adobe, Phoenix Design hosts a Creative Jam from 4-7 p.m. providing a space to try out own ideas and concepts on the topic “Smart Living”, embedded into a competition of three teams. Experienced coaches accompany the workshop. During the following Creative Jam Review from 7-8.30 p.m., design, technology, and research experts will discuss the ideas developed so far – presenting their individual perspectives and the latest digital trends as impulse speeches in front of the audience.

    To MCBW event website >>>

    15:30 – 16:00   Arrival CREATIVE JAM
    16:00 – 16:30    Welcome + Expert speeches
    16:30 – 16:45    Teams + Brainstorming
    16:45 – 18:30    Creative Session with experts
    18:30 – 19:00    Presentation prep / Break

    18:30 – 19:00   Arrival CREATIVE JAM REVIEW
    19:00 – 19:10    Welcome + Recap
    19:10 – 19:30    CREATIVE JAM presentations
    19:30 – 20:15    Expert reviews
    20:15 – 20:30   Jury voting + Awarding

    At 8.30 p.m. we will start with our After Party including snacks and drinks!

    We are looking forward to an inspiring workshop day with numerous creatives, network partners, and design interested people.

    REGISTRATION for the Creative Jam (Afternoon + Evening Session) >>>
    REGISTRATION for the Creative Jam Review (Evening Session) >>>

    Carolin Schobel, Communication Manager, Enable JavaScript to view protected content., P +49 711 955 976 75

    About the MCBW
    Munich and Bavaria as a site for creative activities stand for premium entrepreneur-oriented connections between the design and the corporate sector. Organized by bayern design GmbH in the first quarter of every year, MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK (MCBW) is the largest design event in Germany and illustrates the potential: Close to 200 committed Program Partners create a platform for companies with an affinity for design, designers and design agencies across disciplines including architecture and advertising and the general public interested in design. Following the slogan Design connects, more than 75,000 participants will encounter substantial transfer of knowledge and inspiring design experiences. More information under www.mcbw.de/en.

    MCBW 2019: Creative Jam and Review
  • "The Ecosystem" and the tip of the Iceberg

    "The Ecosystem" and the tip of the Iceberg

    Ecosystem. Buzzword of the year 2018. With no doubt. And it is a word that won´t go away easily. Because we will be living with it for years to come. And we have, for almost 4.5 billion years. Companies are pouring billions into “The Ecosystem”. But what is this Ecosystem everyone is talking about? A walk.

  • Premiere of the new deli printer family D20

    Premiere of the new deli printer family D20

    On Monday, 18 December 2018 the stationary manufacturer Deli presented the D20 printer family designed by Phoenix Design for the first time to the public. Yifan Zhang (left), General Manager China and Member of the Board, and Senior Designer Jonas Hänel (right) accompanied the launch event in Beijing, China.

    The D20 printer series for professional use consists of laser and ink jet printers, as well as laser and ink jet multi-function devices (printing, scanning, copying). The affordably-priced devices have a very large ink or toner capacity – cost efficiency and environmental friendliness are combined here. Grouping the most important elements into functional blocks with a graphic look not only supports an intuitive user guidance but also makes for a brand product with a high recognition value. The light colours and the clear design language of the D20 product family are ideal for integrating it into modern working and living environments.

    In their presentation, the two PHOENIX designers talked in detail about the design process, the design of the D20 products and the German-Chinese collaboration in general.

    About Deli
    Deli’s journey began in 1988 as a small plastics workshop in the outskirts of Ningbo, China. Over the last 30 years of providing quality products and services to their customers, Deli has grown to become the leading office supplies and stationery brand in China, and Asia’s largest stationery manufacturing base. en.nbdeli.com

    Premiere of the new deli printer family D20
  • Förderpreis aed neuland

    Förderpreis aed neuland

    Zum siebten Mal lobt der aed Stuttgart e.V den neuland Förderpreis aus. Der Nachwuchswettbewerb richtet sich an junge Gestalter bis 28 Jahre aus den Bereichen Architecture + Engineering, Exhibition Design + Interior Design, Product Design, Communication Design und Interaction Design. Tom Schönherr ist Mitglied der namhaften Jury. Anmeldeschluss ist der 31.03.2019.

    Teilnehmen können Studierende und Absolventen von Hochschulen, Akademien und Universitäten weltweit. Der Wettbewerb soll als Plattform für besonders begabte Nachwuchskräfte im Bereich der Gestaltung dienen und diese zu Beginn ihrer beruflichen Laufbahn gezielt fördern. Prämiert wird eine innovative und nachhaltige Gestaltung, die sich durch größtmögliche ökonomische wie ökologische Qualität auszeichnet und die funktional und nutzerfreundlich zugleich ist, dabei aber auch höchsten ästhetischen Anforderungen entspricht.

    Zur Anmeldung >>>

    Über den aed
    Der aed ist eine von Stuttgarter Ingenieuren, Architekten und Designern gegründete Initiative, deren Ziel es ist, die große Gestaltungskompetenz in der Region Stuttgart – vom Produkt- und Grafikdesign über Multimedia und Engineering bis hin zur Architektur zu fördern und der Öffentlichkeit nahezubringen. Architekten, Graphiker, Designer, Ingenieure und andere Gestalter, die unsere gebaute Umwelt und die Produkte unser tägliches Leben gestalten. Sie alle berichten und diskutieren auf Einladung des aed über aktuelle Projekte ebenso wie grundlegende Fragestellungen. Insbesondere der studentische Nachwuchs wird so gefördert und zu einer Beschäftigung mit anderen Disziplinen angeregt. || www.aed-stuttgart.de

    Förderpreis aed neuland