• Andreas Diefenbach in the Consulting Committee of Dieselkuratorium

    Andreas Diefenbach in the Consulting Committee of Dieselkuratorium

    As of March 2018, Andreas Diefenbach is a member of the Consulting Committee of the Dieselkuratorium – representing Phoenix Design in this election committee for the longest-standing innovation award in Germany. The Consulting Committee supports the Dieselkuratorium in terms of professional expertise with regard to technology potentials and innovation systems.

    Andreas Diefenbach, Member of the Board at Phoenix Design, is thus one of five members of the Consulting Committee along with Urban August (CEO Germany, Siemens Industry Software GmbH), Dietmar Bichler (CEO, Bertrandt AG), Andre Kiehne (Member of the Board, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH), and Dr. Markus Kirchler (Partner, MHP GmbH).

    As an event series hosted by the Dieselkuratorium, the CTO Spring Forum in Munich will deal with the topic of "The Chief Technology Officer / CTO in times of digital transformation: Technology Manager or Business Developer?", including workshops, impulse presentations, discussions and break-out sessions. In his new role, Andreas Diefenbach will present his contribution "ENGANGE & CONNECT – Innovation in the Age of the Customer" to the exclusively selected audience.

    According to Diefenbach, there are three factors driving the fundamental change in our social structure, thus pushing new customer expectations: post-industrialisation, educational expansion, and a change in values – in Asia, this development even takes place at exponential speed. What this has to do with innovation and design, he will explain at the Forum.

    The CTO Forum wants to discuss the current challenges for CTOs across industries, to exchange experiences, to provide opportunities for increased personal networking, and to evaluate solution approaches among experts.



    Andreas Diefenbach in the Consulting Committee of Dieselkuratorium