• Creative Jam at the Lovelace

    Creative Jam at the Lovelace

    The next Adobe Creative Jam and Behance Portfolio Review will take place on 5 May 2018 at the Lovelace Hotel in Munich. Marius Bauer, Director Digital at Phoenix Design and initiator of both Adobe events in Germany, will host the creative workshops on “Transparency”.

    The 3-hour Creative Jam Session will provide a space to try out own ideas and concepts, embedded into a competition of creative skills by different teams. Together with Marius Bauer, Alexander Holzreiter (Accenture) and David Reichenbach (Kalonoma) will be the jurors.

    The Behance Portfolio Review offers the opportunity to have one’s own creative portfolio judged by experts – an open exchange among creative individuals. Sandra Heinzen, Lead UX/UI Designer with Phoenix Design Munich, will open the key note speeches at 7 pm and later be available to answer (portfolio) questions, just like Denise Pumberger & Stefan Heckl, Motion Artists with thefinest, and Daniel Brunsteiner with NIO. The coaches will give insight into processes, current projects and their individual understanding of design.

    As an attractive framework event, there’s “Transparent” – organised by the young Kalonoma collective, a platform for the joint exchange of disciplines and generations. 26 creatives will present this lead topic to the 800 guests by means of exhibition and stage performances, taking approaches via design, art, music, fashion, and film. The aim: excite, inspire, connect.

    The world’s our oyster. We are able to google anything and everything, we know each other without ever having met. We accept Terms and Conditions, always present, breaking taboos, being naked online. At the same time, the complex structures of our time are confusing. Who are those up there, where does the money flow to, who calls the tune? We cover our web cam, use veiling filters, talk with an ironic stance.

    Music will round off the event.


    3:00 pm   Adobe Creative Jam
    6:00 pm   Admission to and opening of the exhibition
    7:00 pm   Behance Portfolio Review (3 key note speeches)
    8:00 pm   Award winning ceremony “Adobe Creative Jam”
    8:45 pm   We agree (performance)
    9:00 pm   Salmon Wins
    9:45 pm   Nils Kugelmann Trio
    10:45 pm VKKO

    after midnight   Jannis Choppin, DRKTMS, Mindsight, Delph

    Phoenix Design supports this dialog around digital experiences and their importance for developing new concepts and guiding principles as a sponsor.

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    Creative Jam at the Lovelace