• Dreamteam: SAP UX Day and PHOENIX

    Dreamteam: SAP UX Day and PHOENIX

    The SAP UX Day on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 at the ZKM Karlsruhe addressed the community of designers and UX experts. Upon invitation by SAP, Andreas Diefenbach, Member of the Board at Phoenix Design, held a lecture on “Designing Design – a Profession Between Utopia and Oblivion”. His thesis.

    >> The World is changing, but some needs will never change: shelter, food, water, warmth, safety, rest and light. These fundamental issues continue to define people’s lives. Civilization has come a long way but there is still so much that can be better for so many people all over the world-  digitally and physically. The needs of human beings will still be the same but expectations within our connected world are changing. In context of massive urbanization, scarcity of resources and upcoming technological standards our needs of living and wellbeing are consistently evolving. As designer we are responsible for re-inventing the world we live in. Our everyday life is changing faster than ever–socially, technologically, environmentally, politically, and economically. In the midst of these shifts, designers have the crucial task of thinking about what our future will look like and how we will interact with it. Our profession is between “utopia and oblivion.” Design is something between fundamental elements of creation and inflationary commodity. It will be oblivion if we continue focusing on minor aesthetic problems.” It will be utopia, if we shape design of the future into a meaningful and human dimension.

    At Phoenix Design we believe that we can serve humanity best by focusing on those substantial things, that will always count: to find the way to manage and design challenges in daily life in a clever, smart and meaningful way.

    At this year’s SAP UX Day, everything revolved around human-machine-interaction, Digital Transformation in the IoT, and Big Data, as well as visualisation for a holistic experience. Lectures, workshops and inspirational stands got the topics across.

    It showed: Software corporation and design studio – both industries are dealing with the same issues and can learn from each other.

    Dreamteam: SAP UX Day and PHOENIX