Phoenix Design, together with its clients Hansgrohe and LUQEL, wins three ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Architecture. All three submitted products receive the highest award "best of best" in this international competition.

    After four successes at the ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior, now the next awards follow. With the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture, the best architectural and design solutions are honoured each year.

    Two designs for Hansgrohe have received a "best of best" award: the Rainfinity shower family and the RainTunes shower scenarios.

    With Rainfinity, PHOENIX has designed a new archetype which integrates itself seamlessly into modern architecture thanks to its geometrical lines and soft surfaces. "The stylish white colour of the fixtures contrasts beautifully with the black spray zone and is a refreshing alternative to ubiquitous chrome. An exciting solution that combines technology and real user needs into an iconic design with high recognition value," says the jury

    "A truly groundbreaking solution that impressively demonstrates the possibilities afforded by digital technology in today’s bathrooms," is what makes RainTunes so special. Various shower scenarios synchronise music, videos, temperature, and the type of jet to deliver a multi-sensory shower experience, adapted to the respective mood of the user. www.hansgrohe-group.com/en

    For LUQEL, Phoenix Design has designed a water station, where water from the faucet gets filtered in several steps and enriched with minerals in a healthy and enjoyable manner. "With its formally reduced, timelessly elegant design, the LUQEL Water Station meets even the highest aesthetic standards, lends itself to intuitive operation via a digital touchscreen, is quiet and energy-efficient and, with a depth of only 24 cm, is amazingly compact – all of which clearly demonstrates that every aspect of this product was carefully thought through," as the panel of jurors states in its decision.