• Yo-Yo 2021 Vol. 1

    Yo-Yo 2021 Vol. 1

    Yo-Yo presentation February 25, 2021. Once again it's the time to "Design a yo-yo" for our two interns Lucas Gottschalg and Jonas Krämer, whose internship is coming to an end this week.

    We would like to thank you for your active support in the teams and wish you all the best on your further way, which will surely cross Phoenix again at one or the other place!

    Over 170 interns have already taken on this task at the Phoenix Design Academy - the varying results, however, do not suggest that it is always the same task: The six-month internship is followed by the yo-yo design over a period of three days. This part of the promotion of young talent is supported by designers and model makers, who assist the budding designers with their expertise. This year, the final presentation will take place partly digitally, but still in front of the entire team.

    What makes this year's yo-yo designs so special? The weight! They were supposed to be particularly light this time, and in addition only manual tools were allowed to be used for their production - which makes the precise models even more impressive.

    The YO-YO-book >>> YO-YO from 1987 – 2014 can be requested: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.">Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

    Yo-Yo 2021 Vol. 1