raumprobe Interview - Change as an opportunity

In the interview of the digital magazine of the material database raumprobe, Senior Designer Veronika Schmidt-Schäffer, Senior Design Modeller Marc Michalak and Design Director, Matthias Oesterle report on inspirations and trends in material and color design. They are already a well-established team when it comes to the right choice of colors, materials and surfaces.

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  • > Calculator, alarm clock, calendar, camera, phone - more and more products are merging into one, and interface design is becoming increasingly important. Do you see this development as an opportunity or is something, e.g. materiality, being lost here?

    Materiality is not being lost, rather the opposite - it is gaining in relevance. We therefore have an optimistic view and see this change as an opportunity. Technical developments offer many great opportunities. We should use them to simplify our lives and thus give ourselves time for the things that are important to us. As designers, we can develop new solutions that make the physical interaction with products better and more exciting, and also give the digital a suitable materiality. This creates holistic objects that unite both worlds.

    > Where does Phoenix get its inspiration for its material and color design?

    In addition to our own material library, we like to work with Raumprobe as an inspiration platform. We have CMF (Colours, Materials, Finish) and researchexperts on the team who follow all the trends and carry them into the projects. We also follow trend platforms and visit trade fairs from various sectors. We see our advantage as an independent agency in being able to gather insights from a wide variety of projects, customers and product fields. This enables us to communicate openly internally and thus derive real trends.

  • raumprobe is leading online material database & physical material exhibition in Stuttgart since 2005. Since 2013, they have been organizing the annual Material Award. In the online magazine, companies and agencies are portrayed and interviewed about their handling of materials and surfaces. You can find the entire interview of our material experts here.

    Our team of CMF experts was interviewed in the digital edition of the material database RaumPROBE OHG on various topics such as inspiration and trends in material and color design. Marc Michalak, Senior Design Modeller and Veronika Schmidt-Schäffer, Senior Designer are already a well-rehearsed team when it comes to the right choice of colors, materials and finishes. The focus for sure is always on the user.

  • > You have further developed the shower experience with the RainTunes product for the manufacturer Hansgrohe. What is it all about?

    RainTunes is a special innovation in that it changes showering holistically and thus picks up on the trend of the bathroom as a place of retreat. By orchestrating water with light, sound and scent to create shower scenarios, the shower experience becomes richer and more intense. Whether you want to freshen up after a day at work or wind down at the end of the evening, these scenarios are designed for everyday life and thus offer very individual wellness moments within your own 4 walls.

    > Lights, camera lenses, air conditioners and apps - the range of your products is wide. Is there a common denominator that unites your products? How do you combine aesthetics, color and material with successful product design?

    The common denominator for us is balance - aesthetics, form, material and color must result in a balanced unity, which is what creates the magic in our projects. The more intensively the individual components are taken into account in the design and are in harmony, the more authentic and desirable the result is perceived by the user.

  • > Your products have received over 800 awards since the company was founded in 1987 - and continue to do so today. Your founders Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr also won an award for their life's work back in 1998. Is there any award in all these years that you are particularly proud of?

    A special award for us was the honorary title of "Red Dot Design Team of the Year 2018". Every new development only comes about through teamwork and coordination. The award was therefore a great confirmation of our work and a great motivation for all of us. The joint celebration on the stage in Essen, for which the entire team traveled from Stuttgart, Munich and Shanghai, has also remained a vivid memory for us ever since.

    About Phoenix Design: Phoenix Design is a design and innovation studio creating smart and substantial brand experiences that make eminent business sense and which touch people – today, for tomorrow. Since 1987, products, interactions, and digital ecosystems have been created based on the fundamental values of Logic, Morals, and Magic. More than 800 design awards (1st place – iF World Design Index, Design Studios) confirm the quality and continuity of the worldwide work, i. a. the award of honour "Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018". Today, the team comprising 80 international experts at the Stuttgart, Munich, and Shanghai locations – together with its partners – are creating a joint vision of Smart Living.

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