30 Years of Phoenix Design with logic morals magic

Following the motto of “30 Years of Phoenix Design – Logic, Moral, Magic”, this 30-year anniversary saw a spirited celebration at the legendary BIX jazz club in Stuttgart with more than 200 business partners and staff. Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr took anecdotes as well as flops and hits from those days to the stage. The future was presented as well: new management board, new business areas, and strong growth in the Asian region.

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The anniversary party took place amid the new Corporate Design. A very important feature of the evening was the partnership with Hansgrohe Group, existing since the very beginning and still thriving to date, with numerous Hansgrohe members being present, from Board member Thorsten Klapproth to the product developers, as well as Klaus Grohe, Richard Grohe, and Philippe Grohe. The highlight of the evening was a musical world premiere: using products and awards from the past few years, percussionists created the very first Phoenix Sound – a jam session as magical as it was powerful.

The career of founders Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr is closely linked to the rise of modern German design. They have turned the studio they founded in the late 1980s into one of top names in industrial and product design. Both have been honoured by the Lucky Strike Award for their lifetime achievement, and with the German Design Award “Personality” for their entire work. For many years now, Phoenix Design has been defending the number one rank at the iF ranking creative "design offices" at the iF Design Award and we have received more than 750 design prizes. Phoenix Design is regarded as the leading independent product and interface design studio in the world. What’s much more important: these designs are convincing in terms of longevity and verifiable business success. In this respect, Phoenix Design follows the tradition of Bauhaus and Ulm school – embodying the virtues of German design. This also holds true for the ever more closely interlocking design of products and digital interfaces.

Today, more than a third of the 70 Phoenix Design employees in Stuttgart, Munich and Shanghai work on Interaction Design topics. Consistently oriented towards the user and typical for the brand, in open exchange with interdisciplinary design teams and the clients: that’s how Phoenix Design develops product and entire product ranges.

In a word, with: logic, morals and magic.