AR Airport Navigation App. Augmented Reality (AR) is finding its way into our daily life. This technology which has been explored in experiments for quite a while in the large research laboratories and universities is now ready to enter the mass market, being already accessible as smartphone applications or special hardware. The areas of application extend from games via learning environments all the way to practical deployment in warehouses or production facilities. The basic principle – overlaying reality with additional digital information – offers promising possibilities for displaying information in a large number of contexts, wherever it is needed. In the course of the project "AR Port", Yijian Lan and Alexander Kübler have dealt with the topic of Augmented Reality. In a first step, they analysed which technological possibilities exist today, and how design principles might be deduced from these via an experimental approach. In parallel, they developed an exemplary interaction scenario in which they transfer the principles defined by them to the context of an airport. From navigation via searching for information all the way to practical travel tips, a concept and prototype has evolved which shows the benefits of Augmented Reality.

Credits: Yijian Lan / Alexander Kübler, Bachelor Thesis, Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd. Mentoring: Florian Geiselhart; Prof. Jörg Beck; Moritz Kemper, Senior Designer / Phoenix Design.


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