Ultra Slim E5 is an elegant portable hotspot for the 4G era. You can join the wireless Internet with fast speed everywhere. The innovative device is only 6,5 mm thick and extremely compact. The brand strategy is perfectly integrated into the product design. The logo is in a position with big space surrounding it, to achieve an outstanding effect as brand element. The design is simplified, and all unnecessary elements were removed. Only one button is retained in side for intuitive “press and play”. The metal body has soft corners. Top material meets the minimalist attitude; the shape is the image of Huawei's latest generation flagship products.

  • ProductModem
  • ManufacturerHuawei
  • TypeUltra Slim E5
  • CategoryComputer and Robotcs, Tele­communication
  • Year2015
  • Services technical design, user analysis, analysis + research, strategic design, Class A Surfacing, ergonomics, brand related design, product design
  • iF Product Design Award iF Product Design Award

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