Schiedel – European market leader for chimney and exhaust systems – represents heating, ventilation, and hence living. A cosy fire and fresh air add living comfort and quality of life, more safety and independence. The innovation of these completely pre-assembled chimney elements (stove and chimney are one unit) is evident e.g. at the construction site: the KINGFIRE stove systems can be installed safely in a very short time indeed. The discerning claim to interior design solutions has been made visible by Phoenix Design in terms of a reduced and clear design language for the KINGFIRE models LINERA and RONDO. The user needs and convenient operation together with the desire for a more intense experience of fire and warmth have been met e.g. by means of a curved door. Here, Phoenix Design has developed a unique and timeless design that's characteristic for the brand of Schiedel KINGFIRE models. Each finished product can be designed individually and is thus unique: whether clad with natural stone or ceramics, or sporting a modern and timeless plasterwork surface.

  • ProductFireplace
  • ManufacturerSCHIEDEL
  • SeriesKINGFIRE
  • CategoryOffice and living
  • Services trend consulting, analysis + research, strategic design, brand related design, product design
  • ICONIC Award: Best of the best ICONIC Award: Best of the best
  • reddot Award: Winner reddot Award: Winner
  • plus X Award: design, high quality, functionality plus X Award: design, high quality, functionality

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