Product Design

Phoenix Design works at the interface between design vision and industrial production. Decades of experience of what is technologically feasible in both consumer goods and industrial goods, as well as market expertise for successful products including many bestsellers, mark our track record. Our work has a clear user focus, and we concentrate on what is typical for each respective brand, acting on the maxims of innovation, aesthetics, sustainability, ergonomics, ecology, as well as self-explanatory features, and aiming our work at the economic success of our clients.

  • Corporate Product Design

    Distinctive products are the best brand ambassadors. In a world of globalized markets, the task of Corporate Design reaches ever new sectors of the economy. We create brand form products which are embedded perfectly into the respective corporate culture. We develop a consistent corporate design whose visual character will constitute a new building block for corporate identity across all product areas.

  • Industrial Design

    To many, Phoenix Design is the epitome of modern design-classics that have shaped both, the history of European Design and the everyday of things that surround us today. The philosophy that our founders Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr have coined 30 years ago guides our design-practice to this day and is more relevant than ever before in our world of turmoil. Based on our canons of Logik, Moral and Magie our industrial designers continue to produce products and solutions that are substantial, sensible and smart.

  • CMFP Design

    No product really comes to life without a sophisticated and elaborate material, colour, and surface concept. Phoenix Design helps our clients develop the potential of their products over and beyond the limits of mere form. Thanks to our sensitivity for cultures, our global trend scouting, and our knowledge of material innovations, we transform brand values into convincing CMFP solutions to successfully position the products in international markets.

  • Packaging Design

    For us, packaging is much more than just something to throw away after opening the box: packaging is an ambassador of the product promise and an integral part of the product experience. We want to provide users with a holistic experience right from the very start. That’s why we design packaging which alongside its functional requirements wants to achieve one main goal: touching the user and showing appreciation.