Senior Design Strategist


As Senior Design Strategist you are an insights-driven creator of original thought, innovation practitioner and a scholar of design-culture. With substantial project experience under the belt, there are few topics or situations that you haven't dealt with before. Combining academic theory, research and business knowledge, you are expert at articulating lucid insights, creative visions and point of views that move clients. As project lead, you are expert at framing and leading challenging interdisciplinary projects with originality and resourcefulness. Your profile lend you a natural ability to take on vastly different tasks that will contribute strategic perspectives to all design activities in business development- and project-contexts.

  • design, plan, articulate and lead complex interdisciplinary innovation-projects and teams in proposals and client pitches
  • conduct and direct trend-, desktop- and field-research activities, and identify intriguing insights
  • create compelling point of views, that inspire clients to take action
  • conduct innovation and design-strategy workshops with colleagues and clients
  • explore and generate innovative ideas, and turn them into viable, people-minded concepts
  • build narratives and presentations that wow clients
  • 5+ years of total work-experience in design-, innovation-, strategy- and/or branding-related fields
  • natural authority, healthy ambition and high emotional intelligence. people leadership experience is a plus
  • strong critical thinking, outstanding creativity and excellent storytelling skills
  • expert at qualitative research and outstanding capability to identify, articulate and present insights
  • proven ability to frame, design, plan, articulate and lead complex interdisciplinary projects with method and minimal supervision
  • outstanding copywriting and presentation skills in English and German. Advanced Powerpoint skills expected
  • comprehension and capability to direct teams beyond your core skillset: e.g. ID, UX/UI, research, etc.

  • fun and passionate team that places high importance not only on professional skills, but also on great personalities
  • friendly, family-like work-environment, flextime workdays, remote working support and low levels of hierarchy
  • onboarding program which will prepare you well for your new role and introduction to your new team
  • opportunity to receive on- and off-the-job training, as well as travel to events, trade-shows, conferences, and exhibitions
  • opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects with other designers, researchers, strategists, technologists and model-makers
  • regular team-events, both planned and spontaneous: from team-lunches, annual field-trips and X-mas parties, to ad-hoc Karaoke, or the Oktoberfest
  • modern office, flexible work-times and benefits to support a healthy lifestyle, e.g. Job-Bike, UrbanSports membership, Kindergarten-Support


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