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he mobile air purifier AELUS ( promises certified protection through clean air in the interiors of vehicles, at home or in the office. Through innovative technology, integrated into a reduced-timeless design, AELUS combines the highest filter quality with self-cleaning function and UV technology in the smallest space - without the formation of harmful ozone, or emission of UV radiation. Fine dust, aerosols, viruses, smog particles and mold spores are efficiently reduced. An average vehicle cabin is cleaned 5-6 times per hour. In terms of air circulation, this corresponds to the recommendations of the German Federal Environmental Agency for the efficient reduction of COVID19 viruses in rooms. The mobile air purifier convinces with its clear overall design and formal-aesthetic details, such as the circular lamellas, which make the air flow noiseless and look appealing at the same time. Optionally, the housing can be personalized in material and color. This allows the air purifier to adapt to its surroundings and become an individual companion on the go - whether in a hotel, at work or at home.