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CNS Plus and SNU Plus

Stiebel Eltron

With CNS Plus and SNU Plus we ensure two things: closeability and integrity. The electric heating CNS Plus convinces with precise heating, programmable timers and open window detection. Its familiar and furniture-like appearance makes it part of the home, while the clear, monolithic design embodies quality, making it a long-lasting part of homes. The functional elements are clearly visible and enable easy and approachable interaction with the product, which strengthens confidence in the technical function of the product. The small water heater SNU Plus convinces through its visual clarity and consistently reduces itself to the necessary elements – technology deliberately recedes into the background. The design conveys a premium claim that is seamlessly continued into the operating feel. This includes the haptics with noticeably precise click-stop of the high-quality rotary selector as well as the clear pictograms. The design of the SNU Plus refuses to follow short-lived trends and thus prevents premature replacement for aesthetic reasons.