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User first. The Hybrid Air conditioner made by Midea not only supports the room climate but also air quality. Not only the users’ well-being but also their health is being promoted by this product. In order to keep room quality constant at all times, an integrated filter cleans both the prevalent room air and inflowing outside air. Moreover, this air conditioner features an innovative self-cleaning function. Thanks to UV light and integrated brushes, the filters get cleaned and disinfected regularly. The light sign which is visible during cleaning through the perforated plastic front allows the users to sensually experience this technology, thus supporting the increasing need for safety and security of the people in the room. In its basic character, the language of forms is convincing thanks to its discreet appearance, thus perfectly blending into the living environment. The clear, natural and likable appearance underlines the role of the device as a reliable partner within the user’s personal private sphere.