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LG Display

The OLED shelf is a flexibly adjustable TV display in a clean square format frame. The magic about the minimalistic shelf: the display gets transparent and almost invisible, when not used, the black light shutter is rollable, while the display size is flexible, depending on the use case. One more hidden detail: the speaker underneath the frame envelops you in sounds, whenever you need it. Moreover, the shelf works as an inductive phone charger, while the frame and ambient gets warmly lightened. In many living rooms the TV has replaced the fireplace as a domestic gathering place - instead of a dominant black surface, OLED shelf is designed to radiate subtle warmth and convey a sense of wellbeing. Moving away from 16:9 - the square shape is not associated with a screen. A reinterpretation of the use of displays at home, based on maximum integration into the living space, where the shelf integrates seamlessly into its surroundings and becomes a high-quality piece of furniture.