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Noticeably facilitating. Highest demands on safety and comfort in the bathroom are being fulfilled, but also those on a fresh and modern aesthetics – far beyond conventional design for the handecapped. Phoenix Design has developed the sanitary system 815 for Hewi, market leader of barrier-free system solutions. In doing so, we have proven that a design approach dedicated to ethics and attitude may overcome not only physical but also social barriers. The sanitary system 815 follows the basic tenets of classic HEWI brand design: a formal language based on basic geometrical forms with minimalist use of materials. The discerning design consciously does not differentiate between people with or without handicap, thus overcoming widespread social discrimination in and by design. In contrast, functionality goes the extra mile to allow users to lead their life as independently as possible. A large selection of functional sanitary accessories for wash stand, WC and shower can be complemented by comfort elements like stools or a wash stand accommodating a wheelchair. Comfort, care and barrier-free usability thus turn into a matter of course – noticeably facilitating the users’ everday lives.