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Everybody has a different sitting posture. Neon not only adapts to each workplace according to the respective need, but even to the individual predilections of each person sitting on it. Phoenix Design has developed Neon, the innovative work chair, for bimos, a brand by Interstuhl, Europe’s leading manufacturer of work chairs. In doing so, we managed to develop a ground-breaking concept for the work chair of the future – whether as a classic work chair or as an innovative work place in production environments and laboratories. Based on findings by the Fraunhofer study “Arbeitswelt 2015+” [“Working Environment 2015+”], Neon is an innovative work chair in terms of design and technology. It is comfortable, ergonomically tested and robust. It allows for maximum adaption to the respective work place situation and each individual user: it may be equipped with glides or casters, seat and back can be exchanged with just a few moves. Yet, it retains its unique features – the circumferential signal coloured flexible band gives Neon its powerful brand presence while providing the answer to concrete functional demands. It makes for seamless transitions from one material to the next and protects the chair and its surroundings. Above all, Neon offers maximum seating comfort and it is easy and convenient to find the ideal position thanks to the lateral levers.