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Deli Plus

Deli Plus, a joint venture between the Chinese and Japanese stationery brands Deli and Plus, launched this year as an original furniture brand for the Chinese market. The Smart Meeting Table, as their flagship product, sets the leading benchmark for smart conference rooms and highlights the new brand’s capabilities. Contrasting with the table's timeless appearance, the table offers a new level of interactive assistance with its intelligent functions. During meetings, built-in microphones convert the conversation into an interactive transcript. Users can mark important moments in the meeting using the physical touch bar on the table. After the meeting, the transcript is complimented with screenshots and audio recordings to then be sent to all attendees. The table can also live-translate conversations by showing subtitles on the main screen. Other useful features such as the built-in webcam, voice assistant, Qi charging, room control, and power supply further enhance the meeting experience. The Smart Meeting Table is defining the new standard, leading the way to the future of smart offices.