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Nothing but the essentials. Minimalist design creates an experience in terms of manufacturing, material and brand quality – both visually and haptically. Intelligently reduced to the essentials and featuring intuititvely comprehensible functionality. For ZEISS, Phoenix Design has designed the Touit auto lens series for mirrorless system cameras. In terms of design, we provide the very basis for this German lens maker to confirm its legendary reputation from analogue times in the digital age and extend it even further. How can inner values be made visible and comprehensible for the user in the true sense of the word? Thanks to an intuitive design concet: even the lens hood – elsewhere a mere accessory – and the expanded front typical for wide-angle lenses get seamless integrated into the overall shape. So you simply like to take up this lens – not least because of the rubberised rings with their fine grip. A metal casing ensures lasting stability. The flush, finely satin-finished surfaces provide an experience of the precision prevalent inside: photography as a sensual experience.