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A coherent appearance is decisive for the success of a long-term corporate strategy. In Germany, this was realised early on – and the pioneers of this insight, like Peter Behrens and Otl Aicher, have ever since been held up as global icons. In increasingly globalised markets, the tasks of Corporate Design and Corporate Product Design now enter ever new business areas. Thus, in this global and connected world, unmistakable and consistent interaction with the brand and the users has become more topical than ever before. The TRUMPF group of companies ranks among the leading manufacturers of machine tools and electronic tools for sheet metal processing, laser-based production processes as well as high-performance electronics. Phoenix Design has developed a design language that’s typical for the brand as well as user-focussed – a design language integrated into the company’s consistent, disciplined brand typology, making it even keener and more precise, and supporting it. Each individual product is an integral part of the entire corporate system competence, representing the brand core as well as the attitude and values of the brand. No other communication instrument takes the customer into such immediate contact with the brand, conveying its worth so intensely, as does the product itself. Each product sends a message. The way it is designed and shaped, and the level of user-friendliness it embodies, emphasise competence and trigger associations of inherent quality.