Elevating Outdoor Living with Sustainable Wellbeing

TWIST – balance of sun and shadow

As climate changes, central Europe will become hotter and sunnier. Mediterranean sun culture will spread northward, creating a greater need for shade to protect from UV rays and heat. Parasols are complicated folding mechanisms that put the emotional experience in the background. To enhance user experience, we aim for a simpler mechanism and a product that evokes positive emotions, promoting wellbeing and security.
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Translating the essence of relaxation into a minimalistic form

Our primary goal was to make the technical complexity of the product unobtrusive, preserving the pure feeling of summer without being obstructed by technical details. Instead of concealing the mechanics, our challenge lay in celebrating them and achieving beauty through technology. TWIST is a perfect fusion of form and functionality, not just in the open or closed state, but in all transitional steps. Every join and connection was thoughtfully reimagined. Our mission was to create parasols and craft an experience through sleek design, translating the essence of relaxation and the feeling of long-lasting summer into a minimalistic form and its usability.

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Your last parasol

TWIST aims to meet the growing demand for outdoor spaces that promote physical and mental wellbeing. It transforms indoor and outdoor areas into a harmonious living space. By striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality, we reduced significantly the product weight. We prioritised sustainability by selecting a timeless design language, focusing on longevity over trends, and ensuring robustness and repairability. The replaceable fabric roofing and durable construction are designed to extend the product’s life cycle.

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Twist for perfect shade

Simple operation, smooth turns and high-quality appearance characterise the TWIST. The automatic folding mechanism has allowed the crank to be large enough and avoids visually disrupting the overall appearance. The integrated and adjustable quick release allows the height of the parasol to be adjusted. The long lever action provides comfortable locking and unlocking. The roof can be tilted according to the height of the sun by a very simple turn (twist) and provides the perfect shade. The mast is no longer inserted into the base stand but is held in place by an internal mast holder. The base is mounted on casters for quick and effortless shifting or fixed placement of the shade. A flush integrated button unlocks the casters to ensure easy use.

"The true meaning of a product always transcends its function. We aim to express this strong emotional value through bespoke aesthetics and a memorable user experience, thus reflecting the uniqueness of Glatz as a premium brand."
Pablo Bernal, Principal Designer
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