Digital Transformation of a Company

How to reinvent the shower

It’s not a coincidence why people often get their best ideas in their shower. Why? Because they feel completely relaxed. Taking a shower feels like being born again. How come that the shower experience hasn’t really changed over the years?


How can we reinvent the shower?

Taking a shower is a multi sensual experience which we feel - literally - with our entire body. The question is: How can we enhance this experience with current technology in a meaningful way?

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Orchestrating sound, water temperature and jet speed. Via app.

Yes, we did it. We digitised your shower experience. Via the hansgrohe app, you can orchestrate your water temperature, jet speed and favorite sounds from Spotify with each other. This is our contribution to a fully connected and smart home of the future.

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"Technology serves only one purpose: To help people lead a better, more intense life – no matter where. In a comprehensive, interdisciplinary project, we have rethought the core competence of our long-standing partner hansgrohe."
Matthias Oesterle - Design Director



Transforming the shower

The transformation of a business culture In order to put the meaning of taking a shower to the test, a wide range of disciplines, expertise and processes as well as working methods were combined. Together with hansgrohe, we have not only designed innovative products and services in this project, but we’ve also created an environment fit for the future where digital ideas may grow and succeed. The product spawned the hansgrohe InnovationLAB which in turn serves as an incubator for further initiatives. The project is an exemplary case in point for designing the digital transformation of companies and the changing needs of their clients.

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