A guided grilling experience and brand-shaping aesthetics

KOQOON – the new fire place

Open fire in the open air has protected mankind yesterday as well as today, connected mankind and shaped it. The more artificial our everyday life becomes, the more we long for self-efficacy, clarity and control. Due to the ever-waking social challenges, home and the resulting social life will become a need that will develop more and more in the coming years. The private living space will be optimised and extended to the outside. This changes the value structure and the way people live together. The question of the "good life" is being rethought in the Decade of Living. This is an opportunity for something new.


New experiences and orchestrated guidance

The habitat and the relationship with our rituals and artefacts are changing. The food industry increasingly recognises customers' desire for more sustainability and better quality because the sophisticated cooking experience starts with the ingredients! This desire for quality is reflected in the food industry and shaped the complete design development of KOQOON's GQ4 grill. For this, we analysed the process steps of the user journey down to the smallest detail, reflected on the interactions and translated them into a new grill experience with a "guided cooking experience" via an App.

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A new brand needs a strong, distinct character

How do you describe the character of a newly founded company? What does brand-typical design mean for a brand that is not yet established? What does it mean to establish directed innovation without overwhelming the know-how context of the new venture? How can you communicate an innovation visually without overwhelming the user? How do you successfully position and differentiate products for a new brand in a saturated market? These questions and challenges bring a new kind of holistic design approach to start-ups. Always with the goal in mind of creating an individual character and making it successful in the long term.

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“For us, a simple interaction is always a clearly reflected dialogue between user and product and constantly focused on an emotional experience!”
Marlene Kuhn, Design Strategist



Different tastes are essential and need their own individual space!

The KOQOON GQ4 fits perfectly into the new outdoor world with its clear design language and intuitive use. Usage requirements from the upscale kitchen area and the findings in the preparation of a wide variety of products were the basis for the structuring of the grill surface. The high-quality touch control supports this process and is completed by a supplementary app as a preparation tool and remote control.

"Our goal was to define a modular premium grill with an independent design language that represents the newly developed premium brand and leaves a long-term mark on it."
Sven Feustel, Principal Industrial Designer
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