How rethinking the bathroom guides a corporate transformation

The Green Vision

Can you imagine a bathroom beyond water? Well, this is exactly what we did when we envisioned a sustainable bathroom. The future holds risks and uncertainties for all of us. Entrepreneurs must make early assumptions about the future. It’s our job to support future forecasts and research - thinking through different scenarios, visualizing and implementing these into tangible concepts. With our Green Vision, we developed a scenario that is far from reality for many today. For entrepreneurs, it has never been more relevant to face the challenges of a fast-moving world to guide the corporate transformation in time to set new benchmarks for wellbeing of planet and people. It quickly became clear that the transformation of the bathroom requires a transformation of the entire company.


Wellbeing beyond water

Global warming, water and resource scarcity are enormous challenges for companies. For economic, ecological and social reasons, water must be used more consciously in the future. Where it can be usefully substituted, this will happen sooner or later. With the Green Vision, Hansgrohe separates hygiene and wellbeing and thus enables unlimited, waterless regeneration. By returning to water as a hygiene medium, the bathroom is transformed into a retreat for waterless regeneration.

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Prototype testing.
SPHERE, toilet and washbasin.


Facing water crisis by envisioning future scenarios

The separation of mental wellbeing and water consumption is an elementary component in the transformation to a sustainable bathroom. 90% less water, 90% less energy and thus 90% fewer CO2 emissions in the bathroom are the result when an interdisciplinary team of designers and manufacturers exploring ideas. Without mutual trust, PHOENIX would not have been able to act as an impulse generator and pacemaker during the process, where the original goal of transforming the bathroom became the transformation of an entire company. Green Vision lays a foundation for all further sustainable projects of the company.

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“In order to give mental hygiene the same importance as physical hygiene in the bathroom, we aimed to create a new place dedicated purely to mental wellbeing, which is currently satisfied by bathroom routines and water rituals in order to enable conscious & healthy body hygiene as well as unlimited regeneration with minimal water consumption.”
Marlene Kuhn - UX Designer



Rethink to change

The project is divided into the two areas BASE, for body hygiene, and SPHERE for mental hygiene to ensure a minimum of water consumption with maximum wellbeing. This project is the prologue for a journey the company has embarked on, the knowledge is very valuable for all the steps to come. It becomes visible how the bathroom, our rituals and our behavior towards water change. It will stimulate discussions, it will provoke, it will entrain, it will raise questions - it is meant to be a sign. A sign that Hansgrohe is aware of its responsibility and will act accordingly. A sign, to Hansgrohe's customers, that they have a strong and adaptable partner at their side, even under changing circumstances. A sign to all of us that for life on earth, everyone should make a contribution. A sign that without adaptability we can only lose.

"PHOENIX has helped us to create both an image of the future and a tangible and stimulating concept that completely reinterprets how we will deal with water in the foreseeable future. Our concept invites discussion, further development, and our own visions in the industry and beyond."
Hans-Jürgen Kalmbach, CEO, Hansgrohe
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