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November 13, 2023

The sustainable bathroom concept Green Vision is divided into two areas. The BASE - as a new platform for body hygiene. The 10-litre shower with ph-neutralized water enables head and body showers with almost no soap. The required water is heated directly in the hygiene module without losing temperature in long piping systems. The shower visualizes how much water is left: the darker the light in the shower head, the less time is left – a virtual water level. The body shower is height adjustable. Besides the BASE, that is relevant for body hygiene, the SPHERE is the area for mental retreat. An armchair with a flexible dome invites you to relax and, through the interplay of light, sounds and warm water vapor infused with essential oils enables a multi-sensory experience - with minimal consumption of water and energy and thus fewer CO2 emissions. Opening or closing the dome creates different states that influence the intensity of the experience and relate purely to mental regeneration.