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LG Display

November 17, 2023

A home display that blends into your space. TVs are used to be the pride and center of every living room – instead of a dominant black surface, OLED Shelf is designed to create a product experience that goes beyond the traditional narrative of entertainment and more importantly considers its impact as an interior object that adds value to the living space, even during of off-time of the display. The guiding idea of the OLED Shelf is to dissolve its perception as a display to bring family members together in a homey environment. Moving away from 16:9 - the square shape is not associated with a screen. A reinterpretation of the use of displays at home, based on maximum integration into the living space. Visible when meaningful. The OLED shelf reflects this approach in the amount of visual content, that is oriented towards the use case. The black light shutter is rollable, and only appears, when high contrast is needed, while the size depends on the content. Otherwise, you can enjoy the beauty of the transparent OLED technology, that integrates seamlessly into its surroundings while the shelf itself becomes a high-quality piece of furniture.