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November 17, 2023

Design language and Consistency. The TRUMPF group of companies stands as a prominent manufacturer of machine tools and electronic tools for sheet metal processing, laser-based production processes, and high-performance electronics. For this specific client, our team crafted a design language that effectively integrates each individual product into the overall corporate system competence, representing the brand's core essence, attitude, and values. Without the need for extra visual elements, each product directly embodies the brand, both in its design and functionality, reflecting competence and evoking a sense of inherent quality. We listened and observed to deeply understand stakeholders’ needs. From targeted stakeholder interviews to qualitative research methods such as in-home interviews, shadowing, or video analysis, we picked pragmatic and efficient approaches to identify even tacit pain-points to define what to design, how, and who for. Utilising our insights, we recognised strategic design possibilities and diligently pursued them, always with the end user experience in mind. Our approach to design transcends mere aesthetics, as we ensure our designs truly embody the essence of the client's brand values, creating a unique and unforgettable presence that resonates deeply with its consumers.