Designing a coffee ecosystem that people love. From scratch.

nunc. – experience coffee in a complete new way

Coffee is more than just a beverage—it's an everyday ritual that unites people across the globe. It provides comfort, security, and a sense of home. Coffee encapsulates small, yet intense moments of pleasure. Both are important: the coffee itself and how we prepare it. The slowing down process allows us to pause in our fast paced lives, and this decelerating effect is what makes coffee so appealing.


Accompany a start-up to create a new coffee reality.

A perfect coffee enjoyment is very difficult to achieve - enthusiasts invest a lot both time and money in leveraging their skills and have the right equipment, while novices find it difficult to take part to this whole coffee movement. The challenge is to develop a customisable system accessile to everyone, making the perfect coffee ritual simple. We're breaking down barriers with a streamlined approach. Our system offers accessibility without compromising on quality. From concept to launch, PHOENIX, supported nunc starting from the ideation phase through the seed investment round, to the product launch. And our dedication to coffee and innovation shines through.

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Built to be loved, from scratch.

The partnership between nunc. and PHOENIX was truly transformative. By placing the coffee lover at our core, we crafted a seamless journey from discovery to enjoying delicious coffee at home. Aligning user experience principles across hardware, software, and design ensured both beauty and functionality. Our strategic investment approach, showcasing a 360 brand vision and product experience through interactive prototypes and visual storytelling, added the magic needed for a successful launch.

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"Coffee is highly magnetic to us, both emotionally and culturally. As designers fuelled by passion, we've collaborated with nunc. to craft a stage for the colourful world of coffee, celebrating its multi-sensorial ritual. With nunc., the richness of flavours becomes readily accessible, facilitating a complete journey from farm to cup."
PHOENIX Design Team - Enablers


We help teams rise.

How do you start working on a product vision when there is no established organisation? Collaborating with a rising company poses unique challenges for design work. At PHOENIX, we recognise the importance of laying the groundwork for start-ups, envisioning the comprehensive framework necessary to attract and retain customers. For nunc., we took proactive steps to define processes and offer guidance, even before securing investor commitments. Side by side, we cultivated an environment grounded in trust and appreciation, fuelling the creation of emotionally resonant products. Because building a product ecosystem entails nurturing partnerships and collaborations, we're committed to going the extra mile alongside our clients and partners in the journey towards success.


We designed a coffee ecosystem sure people will love.

The design of the nunc. espresso and grinder breaks away from traditional norms, redefining the archetype of a portafilter machine with a radical new approach. Each component is treated as a unique actor on a stage, where processes unfold in an intuitive choreography. Interactions are distilled into ritualised gestures, creating a magnetic and sensorial experience that celebrates the essence of coffee. Whether it's loading fresh beans into the hopper, initiating the grinding process, or commencing the brewing procedure, every action is crafted to empower users with a sense of control. With nunc., we've created a ritual that offers subtle guidance while allowing for free expression, resulting in simply magical moments.

"With PHOENIX, we found the perfect match – right from the inception of the nunc. idea. Today we stand proud of our relationship and the milestones we've accomplished together. nunc. is now within reach for everyone, offering barista-quality coffee at home. PHOENIX keeps impressing us with their ability to make things tangible – awesome stuff!"
Dominik, Marius, Markus - Founders
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