A Legacy of Excellence: The iF Design Award Prestige

Few institutions hold the prestige and significance of the iF Design Awards when discussing design and innovation. Established in 1953, this institution has been at the forefront of identifying, celebrating, and promoting excellence in design worldwide.  

The iF Design Awards are more than just a testament to aesthetic appeal; they embody functionality, innovation, and design's impact on our everyday lives. Winning an iF Design Award places a design and its creators on the world stage, marking them as leaders in the field who are shaping the future with their visionary projects. 


This year, we had the honour of receiving nine awards; here are the projects we won:

Fislsler X PHOENIX: Phi collection

Phi is a high-quality, timeless cookware series. The simple, elegant and extravagant style makes the product unique and recognisable. The cookware features broad, extravagant handle surfaces that enhance ergonomics and harmonise perfectly with the overall ensemble of satin stainless steel and glass. The design is conceived to integrate user-friendly functions such as venting, pouring or stacking, and lid storage. The geometry and the high-quality material form an optimal heat distribution for an efficient cooking process and facilitate the handling of dishes when hot, which creates a holistic professional cooking experience.

Hansgrohe X PHOENIX: 


With the shower line, Rainfinity, Hansgrohe and PHOENIX developed an archetype that innovatively combines top-notch technologies and real user requirements. Launched in 2019, the progressive shower line received an update to create even more individualisation options: the new shower pipe impresses with a bold rectangular profile yet leaves enough room for a spacious aesthetic. The integrated slider neatly stores the hand shower away. With the FinishPlussurfaces, setting a statement in the bathroom is even more freedom. Due to the extension, the deep relaxation of Rainfinity, in combination with thePowderRain spray, reaches the next level.

Ecostat Fine & Element

EcostatFine and Ecostat Element are the latest generations of thermostats that, thanks to their numerous functions and features, not only enhance comfort in the bathroom but also promote a sense of well-being and safety. A bathroom is lively, where moments of tranquillity meet with the need for a quick shower and daily routines with extended weekend sessions. The new Hansgrohe thermostat lines can handle it all: they do much more than provide hot or cold water. They automatically promote sustainability, prevent scalding and look stylish while doing so. Both Fine and Element are available in Chrome and Matt Black.


Xevoloswash place products impress with their architectural geometric design and a seamless overall look from wash basin to furniture. Thanks to the inner bowl without an overflow hole and the seamlessly integrated ceramic waste cover, nothing disturbs the aesthetic presence of the ultra-slim wash basins. The extra matt lacquered furniture body is available in three colours. The high-quality inlays made of wood, glass or ceramic set a further innovative design statement and are exchangeable to top it all off. Offering sizes from guest to master bathrooms, Xevolos can cater to almost any wash place preference in perfection.

Xarita Lite

The Hansgrohe Xarita Lite mirror line was designed to provide an appealing lightning experience so you can enjoy your daily appearance. Thanks to theSoftCube (Q) and Round (S) shape, it blends harmoniously into an individualWashPlace. The SoftCobe design is characterised by a direct horizontal or left and right end-to-end light field that creates comprehensive, unique and seamless illumination. Thanks to reflectors behind the mirror glass, the light is directed to the face with a harmonious, natural colour reproduction to put the user in the best light. Xarita Lite has a matte white or black design frame and matches the Hansgrohe FinishPlus strategy. 

Xanuia Q

Xanuia Qwash basins combine functionality and style with simplicity and convenience and thus significantly improve the interaction at the WashPlace. The well-thought-out design with its signature SoftCube footprint adds a touch of aesthetics to any bathroom, big or small, and matches the radii of Xarita Lite mirrors. The generous inner basin and extensive tap hole bench with surrounding rim against water spillage make daily life more manageable. Choosing a version without an overflow hole can create an even smoother look. Xanuia Q is available in eight sizes, from 360 to 800mm, to suit individual living situations.

Deli Group X PHOENIX: DEli Modern Business Pen

Deli modern business pen adopts an entire metal pen body, highlighting the sense of quality: better ergonomic application, making the holding more comfortable: the new Deli exclusive texture design of the nib highlights the sense of quality and refinement, using the new Deli self-developed smooth, soft writing system, writing smoother and more comfortable. 

Huida Sanitary X PHOENIX: EVA

Eva is a smart toilet remote control. With more and more functions of smart toilets, Eva optimises the user experience from the two aspects of appearance design and interface layout design innovation. Eva breaks the shape of the conventional rectangular remote control, which is as easy to hold as a round pebble. The main functions are grouped and classified according to the use, and the secondary functions are set in the aluminium alloy frame. Standby state: It is minimally blank, and the glass touch panel can use any key to wake up the icon.

Hangzhou Jianjia Medical X PHOENIX: YOZX

Due to the ageing population, the demand for orthopaedic surgeries is increasing while experienced surgeons are scarce. YOZX is a robotic system for multiple orthopaedic surgeries that enables surgeons to operate with high precision. Compared to the previous version, YOZX is lighter and more compact, reducing the footprint by half. Meanwhile, the structured design creates different zones for each functional area while optimising ergonomics. YOZX stands out from traditional medical devices as a brand-new generation of robotic systems, conveying Jianjia's essence of precision, intelligence, and reliability.

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PHOENIX: A Beacon of Innovation

Not only did PHOENIX win nine awards, but it also achieved two extremely important ranking lists for the IF Design.

To decide its winners, iF Design Ranking tracks great designs across time, revealing which brands and designers have won the most iF DESIGN AWARDS. 

So, with no further ado, PHOENIX is on:


A History of Recognition and Achievement 

PHOENIX's journey with the iF Design Awards is not new; it is a relationship forged in the shared values of innovation and excellence. Since its inception, PHOENIX has been a regular participant and victor at the iF Design Awards. Such recognitions are not merely prizes but affirmations of PHOENIX's philosophy and approach to design – one that is user-centric, collaborative, and constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity.

The Selection Process: A Testament to Quality

The iF Design Awards' selection process is rigorous and comprehensive, involving a panel of international experts who assess entries based on innovation, functionality, aesthetics, responsibility, and positioning. This meticulous evaluation ensures that only the most outstanding designs receive the coveted iF label. PHOENIX's consistent success at the iF Design Awards underscores its mastery of these criteria, showcasing its ability to create designs that are not just visually appealing but are meaningful and transformative.

 Looking Forward: The Future of Design with PHOENIX

PHOENIX's recent wins at the iF Design Award 2024 are more than just a cause for celebration; they are a reminder of the power of design to change the world. As we stand at the cusp of new technological and environmental challenges, the role of design in crafting sustainable, innovative, and inclusive solutions has never been more critical. With its proven track record and forward-looking vision, PHOENIX is poised to lead this charge into the future.

In the words of Andreas Diefenbach, "These awards are not just for PHOENIX; they are a testament to the potential of design to create a better world. We are honoured, humbled, and more motivated than ever to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible." 

A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

As PHOENIX looks to the future, it carries the legacy of its achievements and the responsibility to continue innovating. With a team that embodies the spirit of collaboration and creativity, PHOENIX is not just designing products and services; it is shaping the future of how we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

The iF Design Awards 2024 are a milestone, but for PHOENIX Design, the journey continues. As it moves forward, PHOENIX remains committed to excellence, innovation, and the belief that good design can make a difference in the world.

In closing, PHOENIX's achievements at the iF Design Awards 2024 are a beacon of hope for us, and we are on the right path to planning and visualising the future. They remind us that through creativity, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, we can envision and create a future that is not only beautiful but also inclusive, sustainable, and bright.


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A Legacy of Excellence: The iF Design Award Prestige
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