Celebrating Women's Day: A Synergy Between PHOENIX and WILKHAHN

In a world where design goes beyond looks and embraces powerful stories, PHOENIX and WILKHAHN unite to mark Women's Day with a special tribute. This joint effort doesn't just focus on looks but also pays homage to women's vital role in the design world. This collaborative campaign is not just about aesthetics but about honouring the invaluable contributions of women in the design industry in a truly special way.

This year, we have joined forces to craft an inspiring initiative that not only showcases their creative prowess but also advocates for a more inclusive and equitable future.

At the heart of this collaboration are Sven Feustel and Anna Marrie Kotter, two talented designers who have brought their unique perspective to the design of an outstanding piece of furniture. The WILKHAHN chair is a symbol of women's contribution to our society, a homage to their influential roles, promoting gender equality and creating awareness around their prominent positions. Their innovative design ethos demonstrates a dedication to shattering barriers and promoting workplace diversity.

The campaign, aptly titled "Every Seat Holds a History Worth Sharing," encapsulates the essence of this partnership. It symbolises the idea that every individual, regardless of gender, has a unique story to tell and deserves a seat at the table. Through this initiative, PHOENIX and WILKHAHN aim to amplify women's voices in design and empower them to share their experiences and insights with the world.

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Central to the campaign is the creation of unique seating solutions that embody the spirit of inclusivity and craftsmanship. Sven and Anna’s vision was brought to life by combining know-how and precision to millimetric details, resulting in a collection of individual chairs that serve as functional furniture pieces and powerful symbols of innovation.

To further amplify the message of the campaign, WILKHAHN's blog features insightful interviews with Julia and Alina, two talented women who play integral roles in shaping the design landscape. These interviews offer a glimpse into their creative journeys, highlighting their achievements, challenges, and aspirations. Julia and Alina's stories serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring designers and reaffirm the importance of diversity and representation in design.

As we celebrate Women's Day this year, we invite you to join us in honouring the women who continue to shape and redefine the design world in March and throughout the year.

Follow us on social media to discover more about the campaign and explore the insightful interviews with Alina Schnizler and Julia Wilkening-Martin on WILKHAHN's blog.



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