Precious YoYos!

It's that time again - we have new YoYos! On 30 August, our "summer interns" Aditi and Adrian presented the results of their joint final project. And one thing in advance: we love them (the YoYos and our interns).
This year's challenge has already been reported on in detail: A yoyo made from recycled plastic. The collaboration with the open-source organization Precious Plastic was originally intended to produce a ballpen - but the lack of precision of the machine significantly limited the design possibilities. So, in the end, the technology was used for our oldest tradition.

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The presentation by Aditi and Adrian impressively underlined that the design process with this new material was a great challenge - every day a new surprise was waiting, hardly any step could be planned in advance. The results "Morph" and "The Short Story of a YoYo" are even more impressive.
Well over 170 interns have already taken on this challenge at the PHOENIX Academy - and yet every six months we get to marvel at completely new approaches and results. This part of the promotion of young talent is supported by designers and model builders who assist the budding designers with their expertise. In this way, all the skills and knowledge gained during the internship come together in the YoYos, which are presented to the big round in the end.
We are always curious to see what drives the new generation of interns, what they learn, and what we can learn from them. For now, all we can do is thank Aditi and Adrian for their time together - we will miss you!


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